#NextSG António Guterres (left), Secretary-General-designate of the @UnitedNations, takes the oath of office for his five-year term, which begins on January 1, 2017. We’re excited and honored to work with Guterres in his new role beginning in 2017! #UnitedNations #GlobalGoals [UN Photo/Evan Schneider]
  • unfoundation#NextSG António Guterres (left), Secretary-General-designate of the @UnitedNations, takes the oath of office for his five-year term, which begins on January 1, 2017. We’re excited and honored to work with Guterres in his new role beginning in 2017! #UnitedNations #GlobalGoals [UN Photo/Evan Schneider]

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  • shizafrenick@unfoundation do not make an international platform for diplomacy in the circus arena for shows illusion of reality by the Russian Federation
  • 8rm.305#حلب_تحترق حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل
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  • dika_miftOm Telolet Om 🚌🚌🔊🔊 Om Telolet Om 🚌🚌🔊🔊 Om Telolet Om 🚌🚌
  • _lichie_I have a suggestion to the United nations, that the area around Israel be expanded with it, so the yin yang symbol is the borders of the new domain/nation (effectively doubling the land area of Isreal). Within it a province titled Islam labeling the expanded half and a province titled Isreal labeling the current half. Both equal in surface area. The resulting entity, in my mind, deserves the name Algodil - derives from I'll, God and Allah. This name, and suggested use, represents fairness for all parties involved.
    Pronounced - Al or all, God or good, ill or I'll. Pronunciation combos of correct ways of saying Algodil. (I am personally partial to Al'God'ill ) ✴⚪⚫🏁🐼 peace be with you, may you live forever! Stay holy (high.on.loving.you)
  • maria_luiza_de_castroONU General Secretary Mr Antonio Guterres!!PLEASE HELP SYRIA!Release Syrian people from those chains and suffering!!😱😥😢
  • farshadkhedri_President and members of the United nations foundation. At the United Nations for complaints and indictments named Farshad Khedri for terror, murder and robbery with a full description of demanding and attempt to leave the country had been . So far , response and action from the President of the United Nations and the President and countries do not .if the response and action have I notice I'm not . The last two years for terror, murder and theft and misconduct and full description for the UN and countries in the media instagram has been sent. Called for action and run the indictment as F. Khedri and inform the prosecutor and the presiding justice of the indictment to ask . Women and girls are spies and thieves religion that are active and are very dangerous and support. Terror , murder and leaving the house because I do not have the possibility of moving the date 14/06/2015 to'm at home now limited . FARSHAD KHEDRI . 10/January /2017
  • farshadkhedri_OFFICIAL F. KHEDRI is a member of the indictment community and the non-uniqueness of the religion has the divine privilege. Enjoys the same rights throughout the world and must apply in the indictment F. KHEDRI action . FARSHAD KHEDRI of iran lawsuit and his indictment for first - degree murder and robbery going on the body Axes and misconduct food poisoning and poisoning F. KHEDRI as body growth in short stature from the end of 2014 in Europe and America have submitted petition. The 14/6/2015 limited to'm at home now. A withdrawal of restrictions on home 1 hour at about day 21-24/7/2015 has been in the car . Monetary sanctions murder and terror. DIVINE MIRACLE THAT HAPPENED IN THE PUBLIC EYE . Question -And- run action lawsuit and the indictment as FARSHAD KHEDRI ask to withdrawal from the country (Iran) . FARSHAD KHEDRI . 10/January/2017
  • farshadkhedri_President and members of the United Nations foundation. F. Khedri no crime and delinquency or delay the petitions and complaints filed and indictment named Farshad Khedri is respeated daily . I counsel and inform the Interpol appeal . FARSHAD KHEDRI . 10/January/2017
  • farshadkhedri_Audience and do not complain about the indictment not be able to stop the run. F. Khedri assassination have been killed . The past two years out of the country and complaints raised his question and I want to do . FARSHAD KHEDRI . 10/January/2017
  • farshadkhedri_Head of the United Nations Foundation. In Iran, after seeing a DIVINE MIRACLE was strictly for murder F. KHEDRI more than before. stimulating and guiding principle is that the Iranians are not religious in the family. In religion under the surveillance of the families in my home country inside and outside the country are directed and supported by religion and religion. Very dangerous and do not fear assassination. F. KHEDRI of the most dangerous individuals and criminals in history, religion and under the threat of terror and murder have. Move to a place to live and work and the commute control by professionals in espionage in the past years have been wasted. FARSHAD KHEDRI _ 10/January/2017
  • farshadkhedri_Influence and support of the people, of thousands of people inside and outside Iran's espionage and assassination activities of these individuals brings wide . FARSHAD KHEDRI . 10/January/2017
  • farshadkhedri_President of the United Nations Foundation has now implemented due to lack of response and the indictment as FARSHAD KHEDRI with complete description of the posts written before, the United Nations is nuclear. What is the problem to be overcome is the response of the past two years continues . FARSHAD KHEDRI. 12/January/2017
  • farshadkhedri_Head of UN member countries and justice and the people are United in crime and corruption and attempted murder have done. God willing, I KHEDRI F. DIVINE MIRACLE. I follow the Qur'an and instruction of the Lord. I do not have religious tendencies, and the king and commander and leader of sorts. F . KHEDRI is called indictments for murder and robbery religious. People in the country and the world of Islam and try to defeat and destroy the command and DIVINE MIRACLES. People around the world have watched the past two years running and acting for indictment as F. KHEDRI been done. And action to'm asking the indictment as F. KHEDRI. FARSHAD KHEDRI. 14/January/2017
  • farshadkhedri_Head of the United Nations Foundation . The indictment named FARSHAD KHEDRI complaint for the crime of killing my allies and discuss the challenges and except for the action and the indictment does not run. TV, radio and newspaper news of loved ones in the agency for privatization of the indictment as F. KHEDRI want to see the way I requested the indictment. FARSHAD KHEDRI. 14/January/2017
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