• c_poesy_💜💛

  • florence_j_t_💗💗💗
  • ami_mo17Enjoy the book😉😘
  • rosssinCheck a Bruce Wagner book!! like "I'll Let You Go" for example. I promise you a complete revolution: including the way you write, view things, synthesize these views, mold, stretch, shape, play with language, dreams, characters...Not to mention extremely refined sensibility and elegance contrasted by the sharpest satire,..and as a side effect: after reading Bruce Wagner your dreams become extremely vivid and poetic and you awake in them!
  • federicapostumaClemence you are so pretty! 😘
  • theloneranger2official👌
  • walkerandolsonWalker + Olson approved!
  • dcsurr@c_poesy_ How peculiar, but interesting. I tried searching for excerpts of the book, but none easily found. Descriptions and reviews sound abstract, which attracts me. I suppose there is only one way to find out!
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