• mrs_sustainablePROTECT THE SACED. 🌎 The four corners where Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico meet is one of the most sacred places I've ever been on this beautiful earth. For me, the spiritual energy in these vast Native American ruins rivals only that of hallowed Machu Picchu, Peru. 🙏🏽 Perhaps the most sacred, and certainly the most expansive site in the four corners is Chaco Canyon, New Mexico (lies within the Navajo Nation). Chaco's intricately designed buildings and roads (that span over 33,000 acres) provide a detailed geometry of the heavens and its many cycles. Chaco Culture National Historical Park preserves one of the most important cultural and historical areas in the United States. ☀️🌙✨ Now, Chaco Canyon and the Greater Chaco Region are under siege from fracking. ☠️ Bending to pressure from the greedy oil and gas industry, the Bureau of Land Management continues to open up public and Tribal lands in the Sacred and historic Chaco region for fracking. 🚱

    At Standing Rock, Chaco Canyon, and sadly many more more sacred places, Native Americans continue to fight on numerous fronts against environmental degradation and the dishonoring of protective treaties. 😭💪🏽 Please add your voice to the letter at the link in my bio today -- and help save this sacred place I hold dear. Namaste. 📝💚 #defendthesacred #savechacocanyon #frackoffchaco #nativeamericans #beauty #nofracking #waterislifev#nodapl #nopinonpipeline #loveearth #harmony #beauty

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