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  • thebloggessThis and a sock of quarters is what every single child I love is getting for Christmas. I can't stop feeding them.

  • jwgetshealthyHahahah! My sister had one of these when we were younger but it was a skeleton hand that came out to grab the money, I was so scared of it.
  • amyb_ameliagYESSSSS!
  • greifsnapsMy daughter age 12 said "I need those, they are awesome! I can just annoy the heck out of you!!...I can't believe her cat didn't flinch".
  • courtnsnack@barksandsnorts I feel like you would appreciate this.
  • marti.snowI want to be one of the children you love! Those are amazing!!
  • ajdodson16I like this one and the cat one. Decisions. ..
  • martinekniptheerhugowaardWant!
  • jfaustusWell, I *thought* my Xmas shopping was done. Back to Amazon!
  • caro_neb@maryinva is this what you got your kids last year??
  • zoenelson51Isabel does not seem impressed.
  • maryinva@caro_neb YES! BUT it never arrived
  • mccorrymomI saw these on instagram & wondered if they were legit!
  • mccorrymomSo cute!
  • wildrider51We have the cat-in-the-box ones (a little paw comes out and takes the quarters).
  • drkatie89Oh geez. I remember the robot that would eat your quarter growing up....
  • 8jacelynyonkeesLove these. They are hilarious.
  • akageorge1@jwgetshealthy We had that one, too! Actually, still have it, but it doesn't work. 😩
  • akageorge1I now have the polite kitty (it says "Hello," takes the coin, and says "Thank you!").
  • bdflyntWhat a great choice for kids' gifts! :)
  • branjoodleIt's like our house! @feezer813
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