My Mains ! ❤️⭐️ @mawrellous @farhan_saeed #UrwaFarhan #FirstDholki @elanofficial
  • urwatisticMy Mains ! ❤️⭐️ @mawrellous @farhan_saeed #UrwaFarhan #FirstDholki @elanofficial

  • madehamohsinI Am big fan of farhan and Urwa always live a happy and long life
  • post_text_like.__.insta@mariakari1414 are they getting married ?! I don't know either , just curious
  • aleena_pkNice
  • darkhurramshokhian
  • omaima4147Awesome
  • maher_rizwan💫💞💫👌❤️✨
  • maham7508Marwa looks so cute
  • the_perfectionist11👌👌
  • urwa_mawrabaeguyzzz follow me please
  • rowhaanThreesome
  • cutebachaha lol farhan ky to mazy aa gae 1 ky sath 2usri free 😂😉
  • sunny.angelsMawra osm but urwa cheap
  • asmaira_aliMawra👍 @urwatistic 😤goat
  • azharmir40Nice
  • shaikhsabah20@thesanaashaikh
  • nimraabbas03Marwa achi lag rakhi h urwa gatiya
  • ifariyakhanLucky you ! ♥ @urwatistic
  • _wavy_zoe7768Penggggg
  • maleeka_tunoor😍😍😍😍 lovely
  • kiyakeekee@mawrellous @urwatistic @farhan_saeed Regardless pakistani or American. Its what our deen tell us what to do what not. I do not judge but i cannot bare to see women whether role models or not to preach islam in such clothing. Islam tells us we need to cover our hairs, culture says other wise. What is it too hard to see this world is temporary? Does no one fear from the fires of hell? Have u all forgotten what it feels like the last time u brunt ur hand/skin? Hell is 1000x worse as it never ends. Do you wish to displease the one that has made u so beautiful youd like to show men and women who are not yours? It scares me how can it not scare u? Islam teaches us NOT TO CALLL muslims non-muslims or Kafers... how can anyone in any post of these girls or any other, call them non muslim... you have no right! Allah has not given u any right to disobey him to call his believers as such. I am no one to question you girls who show their skin ;but what will u say when Allah questions u? What will u say? That this world, that is of temporary and fake was more important to please than my Allah? That you do not wish to see the paradise that lays in front of us, awaiting? Islam is hard, especially for this day and age. But do not forget it/neglect it as it never forgets or neglect you. Im British, i never wore the hijab till i was ready, till i knew i was old enough to know what is right and what is wrong. I never liked showing my skin although i did envied those who did. Regardless i grew up to understand that showing my bare skin leaves me bare in anyones mind. Leaves the respect and the uniform of islam. It is deen over dunya. It is a very hard dunya but arent we promised and granted more respect and su'abs for our hardship in this world? I do not disrespect any of you as my islam does not recommend however, i shall give my help if needs be. I out of a lot of people understand the thrills of showing skin/ hair my beauty but its seriously not even worth it when u think of the punishment that lies ahead.
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