• longrooferPicked up this 1959 #evergleam #aluminumtree this years a vintage swapmeet. I made friends talking to this older gentleman last month and it turned out he use to be a tool and die maker from back in the day. He said that he worked at a machine shop that would make pistons for JE around the same time! It was awesome connecting with a hotrodder from way back. He said this tree was given to him and his wife by his mother in law the first year they were married in 1959 and they are still together. I have a feeling that this will not be leaving our collection😬🎄 #Christmas #vintage #engleadventures

  • vulcanspecialties@longroofer what a cool story, my grandma had one of those ugly trees 😜😂 lol kidding (but she did). I love talking to old timers you just never know what a guy has done in life
  • arnolds90220Lots of history right there. That's awesome
  • vulcanspecialties@stacio5521 you could have one of these but Dolores won't give it up. Ha!
  • longrooferHaha don't worry, we have an 8' real one also😜 He definitely had some rad stories to tell. I talked to him for almost an hour! @vulcanspecialties
  • longrooferYeah it definitely is a pretty special piece @arnoldsantillan
  • longrooferThese are the thing that make the Hotrod community so great! @tylerkrauseinc
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