Snowy Ypsi makes my heart melt.

#ypsireal #ypsilanti #snowpocalypse2016
  • teaandlipsSnowy Ypsi makes my heart melt.

    #ypsireal #ypsilanti #snowpocalypse2016

  • iamhridayamGet outta my hood ! You at DIYpsi ? 😆
  • teaandlips@iamhridayam No! I should have stopped by though! I had gone over to Beezy's for brunch and then wanted to walk around in the beauty.
  • iamhridayamI really noticed it today when I opened my door to take a photo. It's so peaceful and quiet. It's part of my winter practice to try and spend more time in nature in the winter. I've had a pretty significant dislike for the cold , winter and all that comes along with it for quite some time. The only way to grow is to do the things you "fear/resist" and that's what I'm doing ! You going to try to make kirtan on Tuesday ?
  • teaandlips@iamhridayam I am trying to do the same thing this winter. And today I really enjoyed just walking around for awhile in the snow. I had this dopey grin on my face. And yes! I am really going to try to make it. Been trying to save my energy lately for the things I really want to dedicate it to and that is one of them.
  • iamhridayam@teaandlips it's really difficult during the winter. Especially for those of us who are already drained by the season. So I feel ya. I've actually been surprised by how much I'm recharged by doing a practice and going deep inside helps with that. Maybe I'll see you Tuesday! Regardless, I'm always here if you need anything. We all are!
  • ypsirealBeautiful! Mind if we repost this photo for our winter blog tomorrow?
  • teaandlips@ypsireal Go ahead! ☺️
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