No matter where I go..cats find me. #teamcatmojo
  • thecatdaddyNo matter where I go..cats find me. #teamcatmojo

  • misstigress99Cute!
  • lanabarleyha! But how culd anyone toss out a Cheshire Cat?! 😻
  • mizzz.sara._What is your favorite animal😅
  • tecruz40Kkkkk
  • fuzzykidzx2My son has the same cat appeal. He's been outta the country and has new fur friends in Norway, Petra, Jordan.
  • nymeriasnow1@thecatdaddy I have taken my cats brother (same mom and litter mate) to get fixed. He is a neighborhood stray. I was able to get my cat as a kitten. She just came right up to me. It took me a little more than a year to get him to trust me. When he is ready to come home I have some concerns. Since he had only lived outdoors his whole life how can I get him to 1) use a litter box? 2) stay indoors? The other part is how do I introduce my cat to the idea he is staying? The weird part is that they play outside together but she doesn't like when he came inside the two times I got him in here. Because of them playing outside together in the backyard supervised is how I got him to trust me. I want to make the introduction and transition as smooth as possible.
  • draventhetherapycatCuriouser and curiouser...
  • cloesweetieHi my real name is Bridget Miller I need your help with my cat cloe and dog rosey
  • zeuschroniclesNice!
  • healthy_vegan_sweetsMarvelous post
  • bruh._.itzmaddieYour my idol😍I wanna be just like you! your so talented ever since i was in 2nd grade ive wanted this job and i am 12 now,I always watch your tf show and wonder "how is he so talented" and people ask me what my dream is,it's to be a cat behaviourist,just like you.Idc what people think your amazing and your my idol u always have been and always will.❤️✨🐱#TeamCatMojo @thecatdaddy 🐱🐱🐱
  • chigger111love yur talent with cats
  • tripplel0327Rite on Chigger. I feel the same. I have learned alot by watching his shows. Thank u Jackson
  • jazzthecat7875Pawsome!😺
  • alien.lizardhey jackson, my cat is acting a bit strange, i tried looking stuff up but i dont get results that help; so im coming to you. my cat knocks her water bowl around and it always makes a mess, sometimes it almost seems like shes trying to bring the bowl closer to her??? its really odd, and she does it almost every day. weve taken her whiskers into consideration and tried many different kinds of bowls, but she always knocks them around and tries to tip them. sometimes she doesnt even drink the water after shes done messing with it ! we play with her a lot, so its not like shes bored either. im a bit tired of stepping in wet puddles with my socks on every day, so i was wondering if you had any advice. thanks!
  • ladyshivavixenThey used to follow me home when I was young. Now my hubby calls me Snow White.
  • goodsweetthings@alien.lizard My youngest cat does the same thing. The only solution I have found is to get a bowl heavy enough that she can't knock around. In my case I have a ceramic water fountain. She can't move it and it's great for both of my cats. But would love to hear if Jackson has any other recommendations!
  • alien.lizard@goodsweetthings thanks for the help, i will try that!!
  • dabruteI can't believe someone would throw that cat away
  • kimberlinaallenIt's a never ending game of hind and seek
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