• joshuawagnerWelcome to the newest member of the @editionhotels family! #sanyaedition you are absolutely gorgeous! This place is truly stunning! Largest man made ocean in the world, all degrees of dining, bumper cars, climbing walls, miniature golf, playland... this list goes on and on... #sanyaedition has it all! Loved spending the opening with the amazing team and my partners in crime! Thank you Sanya! 🇨🇳✌️🍜💥🐼

  • ajayz13@dlz4 take note!
  • ahotellifeWe will always have Sanya. 🇨🇳✨
  • attaboy_mcilroyFucking class
  • sethweinbergLargest man made ocean in the world 🤔
  • jenn_uh_ferrLooks amazing!!
  • miamiflackThose villas 😍
  • adriana.daciI am so happy for you mate! 😍 killing it 💪
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