Amazing what a little bit of alcohol and light will create.
  • ilizasAmazing what a little bit of alcohol and light will create.

  • l.moondoe@dana why would you report this? It doesn't violate any community standards and she's not nude whatsoever. If she was laying on top of a car with her legs open I would say go ahead but she's not forcing her vag in your face so I don't see an issue whatsoever. She looks beautiful, and silhouettes are a very classic form of art, celebrating the human figure in its shadowy beauty without detail but rather celebrating the body as a whole. Yes this picture wasn't taken in a studio but that doesn't matter. What matters is that she was celebrating herself in the comfort of her own home, relaxed and feeling good about herself. All women should be supported to celebrate their figure (especially if they work for it like she has), not reported for a body they were given and worked for because they posted a picture that shows zero private parts. And to all the guys who felt they needed to DM her their privates, I honestly feel sorry for you. In celebrating herself she was not asking to be visually assaulted by your genitals.
  • coryandersen6How do you go to the bathroom in that?
  • meg_farris@ilizas fuck the haters. I love your lingerie
  • bstrellIt's a bum. So what. We all have mirrors! If you can't look at yourself in the mirror then you can't look at others and that's a problem!
  • t91senacreGreat photo. By the way, this is Instagram. Take a look around haters there is far worse on here. @ilizas looks awesome. Love ya!
  • neilfcullen@ilizas can I get a personal copy of this I need for reasons
  • johnny_redactorWhoa... 😍
  • j.alnahham@mauddtjee babe look at her! Fucking body goals!
  • fatalfae89Oh @dana get your panties out of a bunch. You can barely see anything and even if you could, it's her butt. Get over yourself.
  • christine.wills86Wow wow wooooowwwweeeee
  • robertcabral102Spank bank
  • j0estradamus@ilizas making a shirt that simply reads "not a hooker:. Gold Jerry, Gold.
  • amandaxmoore10You're a beautiful human being with a beautiful personality and are fucking hilarious. I love your stance for feminism and your "I don't give a fuck" attitude. You're a role model many people need and bless you for that. With all my respect. 🖤💜
  • dkavenger1Killer body!
  • eric_d_moeller💍 + 🍪 = 💑 ?
  • fredrikvogeli@hultman ok. Någonstans behöver jag göra det. Typ skriva ett ord som kan hinta om det. Typ groupie.
  • hultmanGöre @fredrikvogeli
  • fredrikvogeli@hultman problemet är bara att @ilizas inte skulle se det om jag inte taggar henne. Oops 😏
  • jamiethomas069@ilizas beautiful photo. F the haters, you look good.
  • azndoodleI didn't fall in love with you, I fell in love for your goblin!
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