• bigrobtheactorAmen. That's why I cringe when I hear people boast about not being "judgmental" as if it's a pejorative. I tell them "we're supposed to be judgmental, that's what elevates us from rocks and trees, the ability to make judgments, particularly moral judgments. The challenge is not whether or not to make them but to make the right ones. Damn. Yeah, I'm not neutral when it comes to right and wrong. I'm judgmental and I aim high, to make the right ones. judgment
  • isaaccrandall😀
  • dannyghitis@bigrobtheactor Amen. I will also not hide under the pretense of "give him a chance" when it's clear that chance was blown months ago.
  • gloryandhonor🔥
  • houseofterrance✊🏽
  • marsha_photoWonderful quote from a greatly missed man (and from one of my favorite sites).
  • 4chouxAppropriate for right now, yes? ☝️
  • dannyghitis@4choux right you are.
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