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  • unitedThe weekend’s here — hope you can slow down and enjoy. 📷 @erwinjjjs3

  • puentesfranWorst costumer service ever. I have made thousands and thousands of miles in United with the SAME carry on and for some reason today My CARRY ON was prohibited to come with me because "it won't fit". Very rude agent that will just scream on top of me asking to explain how suddenly my bag grew larger after 6 years constantly flying with you. I'm just really hoping everything that is in that bag will make it safe and on time or I'll spend all my vacations writing reviews everywhere! about the bad experience and stupid rules that change depending on the agent mood.. I'm definitely not flying @united again.
  • united@puentesfran Hello, if you need assistance with your baggage, please call 1-800-335-2247. ^VM
  • anticonoe💓
  • memesagainstmales@united oh, we were updated. 2 hour delayed flight. Which made us miss our connecting flight. Lost a day of vacation. United Promised a hotel for an overnight layover on the new flight in a country that didn't even have a united desk. Had to find a hotel at night, in a foreign country and find money to pay for it. Then to top it off??? United lost our luggage. Three days later, lots of money lost on buying new clothes and ZERO update from United.
  • kmonique24Being in sales and retail I don't complain much because I know how hard the business is, however, I'm also in the customer service business. SuzieAnn Marianne E with United Airlines in Orlando at MCO is one of the most unprofessional and rude representatives I have ever encountered. And I've been flying for 31 years. She was run, condescending, unhelpful and overall a complete grinch. I've also been observing her conversations with other passengers. RUDE! I would not want this women as a representative of my company. She needs some serious training or another job that doesn't involve speaking to customers. Why fly #UnitedAirlines when there are so many other airlines that are professional, helpful and courteous! #UnitedAirlinesOrlando #unprofessional #horriblecustomerservice #rude #customerservicetraining
  • united@kmonique24 Feedback like yours is crucial as it allows us to identify areas in need of improvement and better meet your needs going forward. The concerns you've expressed regarding the attitude of our check-in staff will be shared directly with our management for corrective action. ^SV
  • gloryandhonor😘
  • wanderingvixenThis is so great!
  • pgcamiciottolivery nice shoot!
  • sritazapatonaA complete NIGHTMARE flying with you! NEVER ever again. Ruined my honeymoon!
  • bettypenaacosta@united I had a flight from Newark to Bozeman yesterday, the 19th of December. Just one bag of my two arrived. To this hour, the recording on the baggage claim is the same, the local office said they would call after the flight arrived today - nothing so far, and one cannot even obtain a local UA number at the Bozeman airport to check status of missing luggage. Can someone PLEASE assist? Thank you.
  • mean.k.fitness@bettypenaacosta I share your sentiment. welcome to hell. if I can only tell the stories of the hundreds of passengers that were maligned by this airline just out of Newark alone.
  • mean.k.fitness@united BS. Show your customer prod how you handle situations. Don't just talm the talk. Your company's don't give a damn about its customers. We treated as a nuisance that you need to milk cash from.
  • mean.k.fitnessif anyone here is interested in committing suicide, then flight United. After dealing with my flight from Newark to Santiago, RD being delayed more than 7 times before finally cancelling, they delayed the next flight they put my family in for the day after. As if that wasn't enough, they didn't delivered any of out 5 checked bags, which included our carry on luggage-we were forced to check them. So here we are in DR for the at leat one more week. We got 3 out of our 5 bags 5 days into our trip with the clothes on our back. I have been calling incessantly since my arrival trying to track my bags. I have not received a call or a message from United showing they are being proactive in tracking my bags. My complaint is too long to detail in this paltform, but once I get back to the states I will make sure my voice is heard. Get me the rest of my bags incompetent, uncaring pricks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • dylanfordyBeautiful aircraft
  • re_re77United messed up our flights and then lost our baggage. We have spoken with over ten reps all located in India.They haven't done anything to find our bags it's been three days we have called everyday. DO NOT FLY WITH THESE GUYS!
  • rkuresman#ua5226. We get the struggle but don't understand the lack of care, consideration or transparency. We #booUnited #dobetternow
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  • shahrammomivandILovi boeing.shahram.iran😃😃😃😃
  • concetta.cortese6rgmLOVE IT
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