Jackie Christie made the call to her daughter!👏 Backup page @fameolous__
  • fameolousent_Jackie Christie made the call to her daughter!👏 Backup page @fameolous__

  • jaydopesenseiI thought Jackie said she wasn't coming back anyway
  • kdsbeautyThis girl sounds lost. Like she really needs her shitty as mama
  • alicia_jenaa@poppinasss calm down little one.... my opinion NONE of us REALLY knows I just shared my thought like everyone else 😊 . Good day toots
  • alicia_jenaa@poppinasss gettin upset like u know the woman...KNOW what you're talking about FOR SURE...but u probably more than likely do know sounds like u read deeper into the SHIT than most of us..
  • poppinasssI do know tf everyone that actually watched the show knows dummy just stfu and know what your talking about a mother mentally and physically damaging a child is no fucking story line @alicia_jenaa
  • alicia_jenaaAnd very upset and aggressive though the name calling is terribly uncalled for smh some adults should learn to speak without the extra stuff lol get over it girl I think it's a story line we can agree to disagree now off with tagging me from this mess child.. @poplinasss
  • alicia_jenaa@poppinasss
  • leslie_b317@kaychante1990 lmaooo you love some fame too 👀👏🏾
  • benz_punany22So can someone tell me is that Doug daughter or no I just need to know why she don't look like Jackie or Doug lol
  • slim_finesse@benz_punany22 its not dougs daughter
  • benz_punany22@slim_finesse thank u I was lost in the sauce
  • sarahleejoyThis girl is grown. Can't keep blaming crazy Jackie forever.
  • iamtherealjayeAbout time
  • iammrsgabrielWhy doesn't Jackie like her
  • iammrsgabriel@benz_punany22 no she had he before Doug
  • shaydee_215Ok tacky Jackie
  • shaydee_215@iammrsgabriel because she's dark and big boned
  • msmarkmybeautyI hope this young lady can find closure because her mother may never be what she has longed for. I had a close friend in childhood with this same situation her mom gave her to the grandmom and kept the others and its hard to never be accepted by the one person you want most. I know she is an adult now but the part of her is still a little girl who wants her mommy.
  • msmarkmybeautyBut my friend had her first child last year and she is the most amazing mother. Now her mother is 52 in a nursing home ang guess who goes to see her, make she is being properly cared for etc... cause the "other kids" say they have lives and families of their own. Jackie need to pray and if she has been wrong in the past just work on the present everyday is a new day to try and make it better
  • the_lipstick_bandit_wow that's just sad if ppl say that...keep your head up baby girl...
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