• colesprouseIt was an ancient that argued first: love was the purest path to higher consciousness. It started with the appreciation of form, an attraction to flesh and curve. That hunger drove the ancient to taste all of flesh's difference, variability in form and similarity in difference. Satisfied, flesh then lost its taste, and the ancient lover moved to an appreciation of something deeper, more abstract. Soon a thirst for qualities like wit and wisdom, patience and fury, dignity and grace, came to the lover. And so the ancient drank until they knew all about those most valuable traits, soon learning which tasted sweetest. And then they stood, realizing exactly what they favored most, and so cultivated it within their own breast. From first hunger came thirst and from thirst came taste and from taste came self improvement. And the lover knew higher consciousness, and because of them, so do we.

  • n.tmvHelmet - bad news !
  • yaitsmorgani'm not even close to being done
  • ____soraia____love this ⚡️
  • ithxoBut why do we all love. Why.
  • mellshelbyGorgeous
  • stacysmithhhh__Don't worry I know I'm annoying
  • gellibubblesLiterally thought she was laying on a large pile of corn.
  • ashna._.khetanu should write a book omg
  • zarohee__x@viva.yv me.
  • isamarializNossa @beatrizelidia
  • beatrizelidia@isamarializ que lindo!
  • fantasize.realityJesus i never knew Cole was so talented until a few years back
  • ganseysforestYour words are just as beautiful as your pictures.
  • meekahsaUs tryna make it thru the week like @keziasurjanto
  • harlot_horrorshowThe color, the composition, the model👌🏽✨
  • iamawrmينفعك الحساب @a.vvl
  • n.nothing__Me*
  • jascieljttWou
  • thomassilventThis shot is really strong <3
  • cazphillipss@alicia_guzel Did u pee in the sand again?
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