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  • kollegekidd#22Savage responds to #21Savage 😂

  • hd_1080p@shecallmeedaddy shut yo bitch ass up nigga got off on self defense just like soulja..niggas pussy
  • hd_1080pIf yall really got faith in this bozo youll probably earn a halo just like him
  • cam_o.a.k25dupasBoy you better stick to comedy with yo pussy ass know you not a fuckin gangsta,thug, nor a savage cuz you been around some killers you think you tuff sit yo bitch ass down and shut the fuck up you suck as a rapper you the definition of (who's man's this is) bring yo ass to valley park I'll show you that thug life little bitch stop being what you not fake ass boi.
  • therealpeculiarone🙄😒
  • lil_jaybitch8Real shit son,
  • kidk187@cam_o.a.k25dupas 22 got a murder case coming up soon bruh 😐 so if catching a body dont make him street what do? This nigga ain no pussy and like he said he dont got shit to loss so u think he care? This nigga ain no fuckin pussy dont try nd play boi if u dont know shit bout him this nigga grew up living wit boosie nd Webbie nd Webbie started this savage shit them niggas in BR ain fuckin pussy nigga dont let them baby faces fool u nigga 21 real yea we get it but a real nigga dont put fear in another real nigga heart wtf u think they packin for.
  • cam_o.a.k25dupas@kidk187 Nigga first I'm no young ass Nigga like 22 I grew up with webbie Nigga I'm from that br boi Glen oaks Nigga I grew up with webbie and boosie and bleek all them niggas still fuck with me still to this day that little Nigga and you don't know what a real Nigga is. Just cause he a facing a murder charge makes him a real Nigga you fuckin stupid for saying that
  • kidk187@cam_o.a.k25dupas i ain no lil nigga im 19 yo's old nigga and i ain sayin facing a murder case make him real the nigga real bcz he ain no fuckin pussy nd niggas sleepin on him bitch ik what make a nigga real u talkin shit sayin this nigga ain real nd he a pussy but this nigga out here 😐if u from BR y tf u even speakin down on fam that shows how real u is nigga
  • cam_o.a.k25dupas@kidk187 boi I'm 30 years old that's what's wrong with you lil dumb niggas today and what makes that boy pussy is cause I know who he is my nephew and him grew up together I know all the hoe shit this lil boy done he far from a real Nigga I'm from BR that boi was better off at comedy jump into these streets looking at jail time now you idiot there's way better artist in br then that lil Nigga.
  • cam_o.a.k25dupasNot hating congrats on his grind but I speak truth that's why i say this image he showing false don't believe everything you see and hear on social media.
  • kidk187@cam_o.a.k25dupas 😂😂😂😂im laughin at u rn bruh on some real shit 😂 u nd yo nephew probably the pussies thats who the pussies is mike probably grew up whippin yo nephew ass thats y u downin boi foh u fuckin 30 yo wanna be thug sit yo over grown wanna be gangbanger ass down nd stop sleepin on that man fo he slap tf out u
  • kidk187@shecallmeedaddy exactly bruh 😂nd niggas sleeping on 22 we get that 21 real too but that dont mean shit its alot of real niggas outcheh but 22 ain finna bck down on that shit he coulda laugh that shit off but like he said he dont got shit to loss
  • cam_o.a.k25dupas@kidk187 yeah you right I'm laughing to cause I'm no thug gangsta etc but if you ever stop in BR remember hit me up and my 30 year old ass gone get them same niggas you talking about that I know to show you why we the murder capital lil boi just know feel yo self cause you not in BR enjoy this moment i use to whip his with a belt lil boi you dk just enjoy your shit talking but like I said I'm no thug no gangsta or wanna be gangbanger just another Nigga from BR I don't want you to forget cause if you ever come remember me nah go do your homework lil ass Nigga
  • kidk187@cam_o.a.k25dupas man shut yo punk ass up😂😂😂💀 jus bcz BR up rn u think u sumtn 😂😂😂bitch u dont scare shit u look like a fuckin 30 yo gamer sit yo gta5 cappin ass down foh i show u how pussy u really are 💀 u jus mad bcz u wanna be 30 savage yo old ass sit tf down 😂
  • cam_o.a.k25dupas@kidk187 idc bout no BR being up. I'm not trying to scare you your actually funny ass hell I'm a gamer lol you kids need serious help. And showing me. Park forest Redlands Dr. My address remember. 30 savage lol that one was the funniest nah finish your homework I'm out. Again remember
  • makhithuggerFr @kidk187
  • im.lakee@darkskin.asshole
  • kahuna__👎👎👎👎
  • only_one_tasmuveTht song go crazy did he make a offcial
  • issa_griff@balling.like.kobe 😂😂😂😂 ✊ change yo name damn
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