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  • garthbrooksLet's join @MrBobbyBones and make a difference in the lives of the children at @StJude . $20 for each Ultimate Collection box set sold online or in @Target stores from now until Christmas will go to St. Jude!! love, g Click link in bio to get YOURS or go to Target.com/GarthBrooks

  • lucianolmelI bought two!!
  • much2youngI can't believe such ignorance! Upset at someone for exercising their God given right as a free man but as a true AMERICAN! Now more than ever Garth needs to "Stand Outside The Fire" He will have my unwavering support as a true fan that loves his music.
  • jenyleacI got your new box set as a Christmas gift 🎁. I feel like a kid in a candy store! I kept grabbing a new CD, not knowing where to start! So I started at the beginning. I'm in heaven. I've been a fan since the beginning (that's alotta years. Hah!). Thank you for gifting us with your beautiful music 🎶 💕 I hope 2017 is the best year yet for you and your family. 💜
  • christluvsyouAll you celebrities are screwing over half your fans. Not smart business. Stay out of politics and sing. I won't be buying
  • jessicadavidson5098Oh wait but you'll support St. Jude's that turned down millions from Eric Trump? Oh I'll bet you never gave a dime. Move to Syria. Canada. Don't like America then get the hell out!
  • katyo8217If he really wants to help St Jude he should pull out his wallet. Put HIS money where is mouth is. The proceeds of the sale of the Garth Collection Sets should be sent to St. Jude. ALL PROCEEDS!!!
  • erika__006Trump
  • soksamanthaI love you more today than ever before now! ❤
  • tracey3312I love you Garth Brooks. I have your song lyric of the Dance. Tattoo on my back shoulder. Carved for life
  • boggysmomPlease come to Kansas City @garthbrooks
  • lvlover1027Nope not a real man...real men love our military
  • dyeika77Look at the nasty liberal country cowboy wanna be
  • dyeika77Pathetic losers. Stop pretending to be a country singer. Go on and be the liberal pop singer you are yearning to be. You are as fake as they come! You have no integrity and you think you are big stuff.. lol you think to big of your self, yo think your are talent and you are not. I seen you pretending to belong in Hollywood in those voice lame shows. Pitiful! But of course you had no respect to your first wife cheated on her with your current wife so I should expect nothing from you but the worse.
  • shimmerycircle👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
  • mazzie24@garthbrooks you suck
  • stressrunrelaxYou're the biggest snowflake in country music.
  • sharons55555Fucking pussy
  • christinamarro#Toby🇺🇸
  • jayt107Toby Keith is a real American @garthbrooks
  • josegosunaNext Record "Liberal Cowboy" or "Pussy Hat"
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