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  • truthorangeGREAT NEWS GUYS! The teen smoking rate is at an all-time low of 6%. So proud. Now let's #FinishIT for good.

  • visionsotm7Like that's the biggest problem society faces today
  • alyssawisserYay!! 🙌🏼 let's keep it up guys!
  • daniella.sloaneAwesome!!!
  • dorkrock_corkrodWe got this
  • thegamerguy1We Are the generation that ends Smoking 6% All we need is Rite Aid Walgreens
  • devintheamazingWe can end this forever! 🤗🤗👍👍
  • azzamdoniaI remember when it was at 9%, keep it going!
  • owenw120Yes because teen smoking is the biggest problem in America. Let people smoke. Who cares?
  • olithefatcat😸
  • timkirschNice one!
  • holamynameisjordan@owenw120 Smoking is actually a huge problem in America. Six million people die per year because of smoking as of recent years, with 600,000 sadly due to second hand smoking. People who don't want to die because they are responsible enough to not smoke care about themselves, and some people just have a heart and care for the smokers health, as well.
  • holamynameisjordan@owenw120 In addition, even if it isn't the number one problem, why does that matter? It's still a huge problem that can be VERY easily solved.
  • owenw120@holamynameisjordan People have a right to do it. That statistic, 600,000 dying due to second-hand smoke is, frankly, bullshit.
  • holamynameisjordan@owenw120 You're right. The American Cancer Society are liars. http://m.cancer.org/aboutus/globalhealth/index People shouldn't have the right to do it when it ends up killing 600,000 people unnecessarily. In addition, the point of this is to stop people from harming themselves, which is something they are accomplishing.
  • holamynameisjordan@owenw120 Even if it wasn't 600,000, you very well know people still die from second hand smoking. Meaning that they shouldn't be able to "just do it", because it effects the smoker and others around them.
  • garrett.c3You and me could get along @holamynameisjordan lol
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