Tap video for sound
  • rjenkeesWorking on the jam along album. When I mute certain tracks I'm finding cool stuff underneath. This is from Try The Bass. Definitely looking like this will be ready before Christmas 🍭

  • fidelis9_Insane!!!
  • fidelis9_Look DM
  • semperviviYASSS, JENKS!
  • tiffany_solorioAwesome!!! My son will be so excited!!
  • iamnickjeeWhat software is this in homie?
  • njones2314@leggo_greggo_eggo
  • rjenkees@iamnickjee Hey! It's FL Studio
  • iamnickjeeSup man! Ok, I guess the angle threw me off or the fact that I'm sooo behind on the softwares lol!! I'm still on reason 5 and FL Studio 8.. Can't wait for the project to drop!! Any bonus rap tracks, like back in the day?
  • bocake89Do you still use a Dell? Lol LOVE YOUR MUSIC
  • mydarkblueshirtDude.... Vinyls are making a comeback. Have you thought of releasing your albums on them? I would SOO buy them all as collector's items, never to be opened, and framed. I LOVE your music!
  • dow4hurstAs talented as you are, I can see a lucrative future ahead of you. Any collaborations in the works? If not, think about it.
  • ncafiNow we're talkin!!!!
  • _l1m1t3d_I've listened to this over and over like 20 times xD
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