Enjoying the evening in #Cluj #watchupreunion with @denisa.cheta @serban_mihai @ileacristian @madalina.miron
  • watchupappEnjoying the evening in #Cluj #watchupreunion with @denisa.cheta @serban_mihai @ileacristian @madalina.miron

  • lensooooHi Guys. Couple questions. Why do i get unrelated news even if i choose related category (tech)? I can only watch them if i choose add all in tech news option. I have to repeat it all the time. Second. Why don't you have an option to go to previous news when I skip it by mistake? I have to go to history page to get back. Third. You should bring more news channels to watchup. Where is Cars category? Fourth. I can't remove the category from my list so i have to use watchup without signing in all the time. Add remove option please. Thank you for this great app.
  • gabrieljorbyWe love Plex! hope to see great content soon!
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