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  • antmvh1Binta. Next is now. 12.12.16 #ANTM #BintaANTM @babybinta

  • kimberleighmichShe's so inspiring! ❤❤❤ Love her!
  • cabmiel77I am sorry but I think this girl is bipolar. There is something wrong with her, don't like her attitude
  • awakeningmyinnerpowersLet them know they're true history I love when you said we all come from Africa ✊✊ knowledge is power when it comes to the African American people @babybinta
  • fanta.i@talentedstill22 it's not
  • the_icjYessss👏👊👊
  • mamamcd1986Definitely my favorite now, keeps it real! People need to quit complaining and pointing everything out know who you are and just be. Definitely points out how whiny and spoil the rest of them are.
  • ashleyj92Not a good picture. But i like her.
  • honeytsunami_😴😴😴😴😴
  • missbellezaslatinassI dont like her attitude
  • toddawfulHow the did she get on the show?
  • rorodlllShe is beautiful
  • tasha_darknlovelyI was all for @babybinta when she utilize ANTM platform to get the message across about black history but now I'm just not feeling that attitude of hers. Stop pouting and do better.
  • stella.stelllahate her
  • plzbeleiveitShe needs to Go!!
  • plzbeleiveitShe acts like this is BAD GIRLS CLUB WRONG REALITY SHOW HUN YOU NEED TO GO!!
  • zmiles44Booo.. Go Home.. Your so mean... You are the last person I'd every want my daughters looking up too
  • thompsongirl.83Binta the Bitch needs to go home.... snooty rude self-absorbed obnoxious attitude... You can have tough skin but that doesn't mean you need to be a bitcb or bully to the other girls because you can't have your way... Is she even capable of having a calm collected conversation without using curse word after curse word
  • ndrnjlgood model, BAD attitude. i think she should go home.
  • bitamargaritaShes ridiculous
  • misselizabethx@ddghattas @amber_frances nvm
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