THIS IS NO JOKE @erfette thank you for sharing this ...
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  • bethdittoTHIS IS NO JOKE @erfette thank you for sharing this ...
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  • sanpedro173I'm there.
  • friendcelesteBeing Muslim is not a racial identity, but rather a religious one. There are lots and lots of white Muslims. Where I live, most of the Muslims are white. So we need to be much more careful with how we think about these categories.
  • jadezabricHi i'm not white, or a muslim. I'm a little confused about this post, maybe I missed something, - there is going to be a forced muslim registraion at mosques or is this a hypothetical?
  • cookeetheclownI like where this is going
  • fenwickfrederick@friendceleste my interpretation is that the post means Muslims can be any "color." And if the 1st 8000 just happen to be white, it will turn this xenophobic plan on its head. Trump's racist mass expulsion will be exposed as the senseless trash that it is.
  • fenwickfrederickAnd/or, 8000 whites of any or no faith need to show up for solidarity no matter what
  • cor6_I freaking love this @tallestmiski
  • emily.c.plauche@llenallenallena
  • lance_horneFantastic
  • lovenatiFuck yes! I will!!!!
  • thelma_theelmz_consultancy@fenwickfrederick You are so right. I am not a muslim or white, I totally stand behind this.
  • armir_koThere are 3.3 million Muslims in the US. 30% of them report their race as white. So, the first 8000 white people in line could actually be Muslims.
  • philiphimbergI will be there
  • isaalsupI hate this meme and everything it stands for. It is racism to the core... my response : Again, some reverse racism. From an Arab, probably a Muslim, no less. All leaders of social, anti-discriminatory organizations need to take sensitivity training, because they all hate white people, especially white men. The proper Islamic attitude is that it does not matter what race or nationality we are. So in the hypothetical line this meme imagines, we are all there together, completely mixed, shoulder to shoulder. We are Muslims. Almost since the moment of my shahada, my whiteness has been singled out by Muslim leaders. In 93 I was asked to go to Los Angeles city hall to speak for our masjd construction project— not because I was a respected member of our Muslim community, but because I am a WHITE. Another time, as I sat in the front row at a Muslim event, the very famous black Muslim WD Muhammad spoke about White men being devils. Two of many examples. Muslims MUST NOT engage in any racism. Racism against whites, even those despicable white males, is just as unIslamic as racism against any other group. It denies our unity. Every time I read something like this, I am reminded I suffer from White Male Genetic Disorder. Sigh
  • isaalsupThe first ten thousand should be Muslim professionals- doctors, lawyers, congressmen. Everyone should sit on the ground and refuse to participate in such a racist exercise. Thank you Linda for separating White Muslims from other Muslims. For years I've heard idiot Muslims talk about Arab. Mosques, black mosques, Afghani Masjid's. It's all divisive. Should we have WHITE ONLY Masjid's now? How stupid are you? Muslim means colorblind. COLORBLIND. I HATE RACISTS, AND HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL FOR MUSLIM RACISTS.
  • hellolisarichardsHell yeah. How about we all wear head scarves for the Million Woman March?
  • ashtag.erinI'm IN! But just to be clear: a lot of Muslims ARE white... Read Malcolm X and travel a bit more if you think I'm lying...
  • sjdeeryMan they're doing well segregating us by race.
  • stelunastarWhile I am educated enough to know very well there are white Muslims, there are many people who don't understand that. I imagine a lot of racist people think that all Muslims have dark skin. I understand why this meme could have some people irritated about the irony, but the intent was solid. The truth is, in the United States, most of the white people are Christians. I am white. I am not Muslim. You better believe that if this day comes, I will be registered as a Muslim. Sometimes I don't know exactly what to do to help. I've been a white non-Muslim my whole life. It is talking directly to me. I like instructions. Tell me what I can do to help fight racism against Muslims. Don't expect for me to just know and then complain that I didn't do anything to help.
  • bader_bin_abdullah_🙏
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