Slowly perfecting my presidential gaze. #CJ2040
  • thecjpearsonSlowly perfecting my presidential gaze. #CJ2040

  • sandikunzePerfect!
  • presidentbrentwilson2040I would like to announce that me and @vpreedwilson2040 will also be running in 2040
  • richmondjennyYou would be great as president! You have common sense!!
  • cnj5364I will vote for you!
  • _tylerschultz_Looking good!!!!
  • sciemormonoligiasmLooking good!!!!
  • jessiewmom7Lol! @thecjpearson you are something else!
  • nancy32361You are one amazing young man....
  • k_potter48#CJ2040
  • grizzly8390You young Man is what makes me feel good about our future!!! May God always bless you
  • youngdsacSuch a handsome young man. Makes me happy that there is hope for our future. Thank you. And thank your parents for caring.
  • rukus_605You got it down. But it's not the gaze that pays, it's staying true to your convictions, and striving to serve the people. Which thus far, you've done a great job. Happy to see that there are some young people who don't have their heads buried in the sand. Dream bigger, work harder, strive to go further, and rise above the trivial, never lose sight of your goals. Carry on.
  • jefferswalterJust always keep it real kid.... im a fan
  • ginawoman1965I would vote for are insightful, mature, and have a great future ahead of you....
  • tinykbalgoCJ I'll vote for you, you'll one day make a great President, I'll be a very old lady by then!😂but my grandchildren will benefit!!
  • myrnanegronYou got my vote!
  • itsyogirldely@fw_faith
  • boulsuk7🤝👍🏻🙏🏼❤😊
  • ben_vandyken10Post more!
  • scott43979Love you CJ!!
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