Love. Them. 
It's so weird to see giant flocks of them screeching around the city, but I think they are such magic. ✨❤️💚✨ #wildparrots #acolorstory #abmlifeiscolorful #dscolor #parrots #pasadena #visitla #pasadenacharm #losangeles
  • farmandfoundryLove. Them.
    It's so weird to see giant flocks of them screeching around the city, but I think they are such magic. ✨❤️💚✨ #wildparrots #acolorstory #abmlifeiscolorful #dscolor #parrots #pasadena #visitla #pasadenacharm #losangeles

  • farmgirlpaintsI can't imagine!
  • dearlizadearhenryAgreed. Part of the beautiful backdrop of coming home.
  • malia_walker06Oh my I would LOVE that as I'm a parrot fanatic! What are they? I watched the short film about the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill and loved it. I have conures, and they are really wonderful.
  • better2meWe have them in Rancho Cucamonga too. Sitting on the patio you can have one fly up and sit two feet from you. It never gets old lol.
  • threecatmamaWhen I was in Brussels visiting my friend I saw wild parrots. Just facinating to see.
  • whartonhomesteadHow amazing to see wild parrots, I have never..
  • farmandfoundry@malia_walker06 nobody really knows what kind they are for sure--all sorts of conflicting theories about where they came from, but probably descended from domesticated parrots that got free, possibly have interbred with wild parrots from Mexico, etc etc. The general consensus is that there is no one species flying around--there are many, and probably lots of mutts.
  • malia_walker06I was gonna say, their body shape reminds me of Amazon parrots, but the splash of red on their heads is like cherry headed conures. I would just love to see that!!
  • ciciboomRead the Parrots of Telegraph Hill. Very insightful.
  • marybeth121252I've seen a colony of wild/domestic Quaker parrots in our city. We are a college town and it is thought they were started when students released birds after they finished school and they flourish. Most vanished or died during Katrina some 10 or so years ago. You can be ticketed for releasing birds now. They did a lot of damage on campus I'm told
  • tastybev👏🏻 Great!
  • sofiebartleyThis is gorgeous! Mind checking us out? We transform photos taken by YOU and turn them into professional product shots 😊
  • pasadenafilmfestivalSuper cool
  • ally_k_mI love them too. My husband hates them though. I just think it's so magical. ✨
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