Thanks to our veterans! #veteransday
  • gopoversightThanks to our veterans! #veteransday

  • gadget_garcia@gopoversight Commenting here since your phones are down today and mailbox is full. Please initiate a review of Trump’s financials and apparent conflicts of interest. It is unacceptable and unprecedented that our President elect has persisted in refusing to release his tax returns. Equally inexcusable is his suggestion that his children will manage a blind trust of his interests. Please hold him accountable, the American people have the right to know if our President is conflicted. This should be common decency and should concern citizens regardless of party lines.
  • boycotttrumpsYou phone mailboxes have been busy for days. The people have the right to voice their concerns . I am requesting that you open an investigation into Trumps financials. Many people are trying to call.
  • donnawalker56Please just keep things honest and make sure Trump and his family are not using the country as a tool. Look at the financials so we can move forward trusting the government. Isn't that what the voters were trying to say in both parties the ENTIRE election?
  • lolokshampsHi I just tried to call your number to speak regarding President Elect Trumps conflicts of interest and your mailbox is full. He needs to put all of his assets into a blind trust and none of his kin should be involved in his business. His children should not be granted cabinet appointments nor should they be unofficial government servants. When will you clear out your voicemail boxes so we can have our voices heard?
  • donnawalker56Who is telling the truth about the call with Argentina? Please stop making it so difficult for us (regular citizens) to get on board!
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