honestly. fuck 2016. fuckit. the world ended in 2012, we all died, and this is hell.
he sang to me in the womb. his music binds me to my mother and grandmother. 
his name is what made me click on my now-husband's profile. he got me /married/.
transcribing his poetry by hand got me through a very terrible time. 
i have wept so many tears while choking out the words to "sisters of mercy" and "the partisan" and "if it be your will". and now i just weep. 
his new album 'you want it darker' is a sublime extended farewell.

#THISISNOTOKAY #THISISSOFUCKINGFARFROMOKAY #leonardcohen #leonardcohenrip #candlesburning #thesistersofmercy #theyarenotdepartedorgone #imgladionlyjustfoundout #fuckinggutted
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