#Donaldtrump plans for #blackamerica 
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    #Donaldtrump plans for #blackamerica
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  • ivar.righteous@_longlegz_4dayz sorry baby
  • dejarequel_I don't see concrete examples of how he is going to implement these policies . Additionally , I'd like to say : WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU .
  • thatpink@alspeakstruth
  • pretti_nwa@prettyrare1
  • amymajiet@garymajiet @lucillesimmers @radia.misfit this is actually very good plans. Look at their previous post. Maybe he can make a difference a good difference
  • suga659Give him a fucking chance damn people... Just stop complaining and see ... It is what it is!!
  • deevapeachHell my old woman eyes can't read that. Can someone send me the cliff notes please?
  • diggsbabyWhy is #9 so small just one sentence? 😑
  • raesp_#7 pisses me off. Not only do these undocumented immigrants do the jobs most of us are too bougie to do. They also spend the little money they have with taxes applied like the rest of us. They add to this economy believe it or not. And if America made it as easy to get a visa for everyone like it is for those in European countries. They wouldn't have to resort to that in the first place. Either way the wall won't help. They're resourceful people they'll find a way.
  • jay_michThis is false somebody took is first 100 days in office plan and made the beginning of this up this was addressed to all citizens not African Americans if it was to black ppl why put in there stuff about immigration... the internet is something else smh I understand if nobody like him but to take somebody stuff and then make up a lie to get ppl angry is crazy , if ppl aren't angry enough this makes me question 🤔
  • shawnna_starr@mspooka2u
  • mspooka2u@shawnna_starr wow
  • co.dean.fienHow he talking about protecting African American churches but they trying they best to let that racist bastard that killed those 9 black people at that church off. Talking about he's to incompetent to stand trial...well fry his stupid ass and call it a day!! 😠😠
  • tao.yah🤔
  • theallyhandroDonald Trump needs to stop acting like climate change isn't a real and serious issue smfh
  • big.heedThis Looks Like A Revised Version Of The Willy Lynch Letters Instead Of " The Nigger " Its The "African American " Or Improvised Family " Eat A Dick Trump
  • selinkoutchuk@sabira_i.m
  • prettyrare1@d_smooth757
  • goldenswirlThings about immigration is in there because alot inner communities have even less jobs because of some immigrants working for less wages as well as making it hard for eople in urban communities to get aparements or housing because some have multiple people living in one house @jay_mich
  • afikjames@theallyhandro because it's a scam to create a world government and you know it.
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