When I started, I would easily get disappointed with the photos I was taking. It reached a point where I was inches away from throwing in the towel ‘cuz I felt like I lacked the creativity and talent to take photos. I couldn’t style my shots attractively, I couldn’t combine props and backgrounds effectively - I felt so lost. 🤔

If you feel the same way. Don’t worry, I ve got you covered. Module 3 of the iPhone-o-graphy course is all about styling your photos. I ‘ll help you find out what kind of photos you need to take in order to attract your ideal audience. I ‘ll teach you how to select backgrounds and props for your photos and we ‘ll jump into a video demo where I show you exactly how to style your photos step-by-step.📷 What are some of your biggest struggles when it comes to styling your photos? I ll try to help out with some personalized help! Shoot your questions at me ☺️
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