American First Ladies....
  • comedianmarvinhAmerican First Ladies....

  • dntmesswith_divasShe the trailer parks first lady damn sure not mines 😷👎
  • zkrydhrtLadies and gentleman: presenting, The THOTUS
  • kirathejuicegod@zkrydhrt that's a perfect name 😂
  • element_streamingGood Stuff! Looking forward to seeing more of them!
  • florabohemiasomehow this makes me sad. I mean Jackie and Michelle had so much class and then there will be Melania. I mean I don't judge her, either way it's her body and she can do what she want with it. For me it's just I can not Name her in the same sentence with Jakie. She doesn't seem to be quite a personality, she is Trumps Robot. :(
  • tania_quadriSmh
  • pamaloo_knitsGreat post - proud nation
  • kinglavii@tphan16 smh
  • sioux.elfPackage brides be like
  • chi_chi1016@theuniversesmiles jackass please..probably jerkin off to Melanie.. FLOTUS is too classy for you to recognize trash
  • aprillee75@theblendah1
  • 5antos11Pathetic! 🖕🏽
  • theuniversesmiles@chi_chi1016 Sorry. Dudes don't do it for me.
  • chi_chi1016@theuniversesmiles my mistake. You like the Caitlyn Jenner type.
  • sssmm6726Get trump out office
  • falsea@comedianmarvinh This is NOT COOL. "Slut Shaming" as a way to insult Donald is cowardly at best. As cowardly as people being offended by Michelle's arms. At best, this fodder for a racist right-wing govt. At worst, it's insulting to all women.
  • the_raptor_gamer@florabohemia_ Exactly! I'm a guy, but I still look up to both of them/respect them, because politics aside, they are good people and excellent role models.
  • mrzpoweMichelle Obama >>>>>Everyone else
  • ceciliagraziosiNice message for our daughters. Be a slut and you'll make a great career
  • andreaublanchardPlease stop attacking a woman whose only fault is staying with a terrible man/husband (just like HRC). It's as bad as attacking HRC for the philandering of her husband.
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