Lifting 900lb @steinwayandsons in a road-case up 3 flights of stairs at Albert Hall... 💪👊#heroes #manchester
  • reginaspektorLifting 900lb @steinwayandsons in a road-case up 3 flights of stairs at Albert Hall... 💪👊#heroes #manchester

  • lisa_nne😭😭😭 @debzaday wish I could drag you there, not that I'd have to drag you. Keeno fans
  • parker24_22You have some seriously tough roadies.
  • hannahcemThank you to your roadies for the effort, the gig was absolutely amazing! xxx
  • seanmcgovern87My friend and I saw you 11 years ago in Leeds whilst at uni and we had a Regina Reunion last night; we loved it just as much as the first time. Thank you 😊 ❤️🎤
  • rocklottsterIt was worth it - last night's performance was wonderful xx
  • debzadayI know @lisa_nne !! She was in Newcastle but not in your holidays, I nearly msgd you haha I wishhhhh!
  • nysaalenThe world has lost a hero thanks god we have You
  • elenglevsI'm still feeling a bit high on Regina Spektor after last night's performance, thank u so much for touring xoxox you have saved 2016 from being a completely terrible year
  • nicb_92It was worth it! You were amazing @reginaspektor
  • edgarbrehOnly the best for you! ❤️❤️❤️
  • catandcage@reginaspektor your voice, your energy is like a kiss for the soul. Thank you for such a wonderful evening x
  • enricopiubelliWhere Were you regina? You didn't help them??
  • adaymuhajierMind sharing the stage time for tonight @reginaspektor @colstonhall wanna make sure that i'll get there on time. Thxxxx
  • londonbluetopazYou are one talented lady! So beautiful with words, Samson made me cry tonight. Keep doing what you do xx
  • cocod5If you respond to this comment I will be thankful for the rest of my life. You are my inspiration and make me want to do things and meet people that I would have never even fathomed as possible. I listen to your music every day and you are on of the best people on the planet!
  • shawlynotAaaargh. Had no idea you were in London.
  • twintonezi like this ☝ ☝
  • whatssatLovely to hear you again tonight!
  • phiiiiiiilipI will always remember this evening
  • camiibenitezzSooooo, when are you coming to argentina???
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