Never be complacent Toronto.  The Toronto Star on Oct 16, 1925 describing a large KKK ceremony in London, Ontario.  Distressingly similar to news stories coming out of the US today. #oldtoronto #toronto #history #trump #history #kkk #racism #fear
  • oldtorontoNever be complacent Toronto. The Toronto Star on Oct 16, 1925 describing a large KKK ceremony in London, Ontario. Distressingly similar to news stories coming out of the US today. #oldtoronto #toronto #history #trump #history #kkk #racism #fear
  • dani.coutureDoubtful vulnerable populations needed this imagery today. Or most days.
  • towardsatheorythanks for the reminder against complacency
  • oldtoronto@dani.couture or perhaps people need to be aware that everyone is vulnerable if we're not vigilant. Passivity and apathy are dangerous tools.
  • oldtoronto@towardsatheory seemed pertinent
  • razvan_anton@oldtoronto Absolutely agree! Let's not forget Balmy Beach Swastica Club from Toronto and The Christie Pits Riots.
  • oldtoronto@razvan_anton ✔️✔️
  • dani.coutureThat was not a suggestion for passivity or apathy. I understand what you are saying. My concern is for vulnerable populations who woke up today in a state of renewed fear. I believe there are more constructive ways of being vigilant, supportive and constructive than posting photos of the Klan. I meant no disrespect. Simply trying to expand the dialogue. Take care.
  • rgb_toOh no
  • oldtoronto@dani.couture none taken. We're all on the same page. Confusing times. Lots of lovely people around us up here though. We're on a good course so far.
  • trudeau_loveI hate Trump as much as the next sane person, but the continuous "he's a white supremacist" argument is missing the point. 29% of Latinos voted for Trump. Why? For many complex reasons. Of course he will be a disaster for the world, but we have to examine the deeper reasons people vote for populist leaders. Perhaps one reason is that liberals do such a terrible job of distinguishing between an imperfect ally and an enemy. We spent so much time blathering on about how Clinton is corrupt, all the while using the repeated argument "trump is racist/sexist," and not actually dissecting any of Trump's so-called policies or calling him out on any of his lies and total BS. If we hadn't been so utterly and entirely dismissive of Clinton, and had actually criticized Trump in terms that his actual potential supporters would have paid any attention to (not just preaching to the choir), we might have had some hope of defeating him. The enemy is partially apathy, but it is also cynicism. The cynicism nowadays among the left is a huge problem. They so often refuse to acknowledge the achievements of anyone who isn't 100% perfectly in line with their beliefs. The whole thing is just tiresome. All I can say is I am glad I live in Canada right now.
  • epbecker2This is completely vacuuous garbage fear-mongering the day after the US election. Do yourself a favor: Get rid of this monstrously insulting specious stupidity. The Left here in the US put up the worst candidate ever and then predictably lost. Grow up and get over it.
  • lisarose2016164% increase KKK Groups last year in the US.
  • oldtoronto@trudeau_love well said. This said, his populist and non sensical and often contradictory policy suggestions fit perfectly in alignment with many goals white nationalists adhere to. Whether he is personally a bigot or not, he's reinvigorated something we almost universally can agree is a terrible thing.
  • simbobcor@trudeau_love Well said. And I'd like to add, my long rant. In general, I do wish everyone would ask themselves a rhetorical question to ponder in private and break out of their huge unconscious spell. And it's because everyone was so caught up in that spell that I don't think anyone gave enough time and reflection on the issue. Therefore emotional subjectivity was left to cloud the ability to see things sensibly without distorted perceptions. If reflecting on it were deeply and objectively applied without the gross biases, please, please, please, ask oneself a VERY IMPORTANT question: Why OH WHY are people judging CLINTON ***more harshly*** in all this that lost her the vote, while I kept hearing, "I don't trust her." And holy of holies, the belief in the corollary, being TRUMP I to be believed??!! Seriously, in all honesty, I think those cognitive biases, rationalizations and projections imposed by obvious partisan groups gained a psychological grip on their own minds they're too blind to realize this!! So they come to a knee-jerk erroneous judgment to convince themselves of a narrative that's as unfair as judging Trump LESS for same reasons!! Infectious emotions are the ingredient in this social spell, for Heaven's sake. And it's based on something deeper that they're unwilling to really look at, nor think they need to reflect on, and know as to precisely why they can't seem to see the contradiction of the spiel of "don't trust Hillary". It's politics, ffs. Pick one's pain or poison. But to judge her (and, no, I'm not defending her past "evils" if you will, because my personal rationale is far from that) is not only illogical, but unreasonable. This, all because of more boar the Trumpeteers made and 49% didn't vote. 'Nicely' played. Well, empire will blink and become Trump's Kingdom. And those evils? Well, the ones he has vs Hillary's will start to come out of the woodwork with Clinton's paling in comparison to the Megalomaniac. Like Hitler said, make a more bigger and people will believe it. Nothing could be truer here. Human nature when desperate, makes bad calls.
  • simbobcorThey had choices. Many more than just these two candidates. But *this* is who they chose, excluding the real popular vote. This, all the while, repeating like a distorted mantra, "don't trust Hillary." Like Trump is some boy-scout to be taken at his word??! Oh my, where do I begin to take that apart with how irrational it is, cuz I'd be here 'til next Sunday!
  • simbobcorI hope this photo from 1925 doesn't gain hold. Emotional disenfranchisement is contagious. And blinding to real issues.
  • simbobcor@oldtoronto @razvan_anton yes, and so is the spell of propaganda and self-serving needs to the extreme exclusions of others. Well said, btw.
  • trudeau_love@simbobcor yes! All true, all good points.
  • city_pixSo many good points ppl made here. I unfollowed this account because of this post
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