Hey guys! Happy voting day :) When I first started taking photos, I shot aimlessly at beautiful backdrops and attractive subjects. Yet my photos would never turn out the way I wanted them to. Cuz I didn’t know how to use lighting in my photos to make it attractive.😓 Light is THE essence of every photo and in Module 2 of the course we are going to talk about getting the perfect lighting for your photos. Probably the most important thing of the course is in Module 2 where you ‘ll be learning how to access the manual controls of your iPhone camera and turn it into a DSLR. I am going to walk you through every step of the exposure triangle and help you implement it in the iPhone camera. 📷

And for those of you who don’t have good lighting around you, I will also help you figure out how to take high quality photos in low-light situations too. 🎉

That’s Module 2 for you. What are your biggest frustrations when it comes to lighting? Let me know!🙌 And if you haven’t yet, please go vote 👆 - it matters!
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