So this is what it looks like after one runs 13.1 miles. *
A bit of a #latergram, but I ran my first half marathon this weekend, and I am so grateful. I'm super slow but I stayed steady and surpassed my goal, so I'm happy! *
Running teaches me so much about life through endurance, perseverance, diligence, trust (in my body, in the plan), and hope. It's a way to take care of this body I've been given and praise God along the way. Plus, it's some quiet time to think, process, rejuvenate, and pray. #BecauseMomhoodAndLife 😊
Big thanks to my friend @jamieworley for the inspiration to train for a half marathon and do this one at the same time as her! (Check out her great fitness/wellness account - @runfitjamie!)
And massive thanks to my family for supporting and encouraging me!
Also, I'm totally wearing this medal for a week.
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