So here's the truth- neither Andrew nor I have ever voted before. But this year, for many reasons, even politically unengaged folks like us felt the need to get out and VOTE.  This is a big one. And although we don't feel either is "our candidate" fully, we know it's important to be #withher today.
  • elementstyleSo here's the truth- neither Andrew nor I have ever voted before. But this year, for many reasons, even politically unengaged folks like us felt the need to get out and VOTE. This is a big one. And although we don't feel either is "our candidate" fully, we know it's important to be #withher today.

  • andrewbsgates@carlawordsmith I am genuinely curious as to why you would unfolllow because she voted differently than you.
  • tnicoletti33333I am going to unfollow. I respect and even agree with your vote and I disagree with your main opponent here getting nasty. But I really am turned off by a blogger and designer with some status piling on to lesser knowns or "relevants" on her social media. I have seen your thin skinned nature on your blog and it's truly a turn off. And your husband piling on? Blech. Express your views, but let your "surrogates " take care of the naysayers. Best wishes, I do love your style!
  • elementstyle@tnicoletti33333 speaking up for myself doesn't make me "nasty". Sorry you feel that way and best of luck to you.
  • tnicoletti33333Please reread my comment, i did NOT say you were nasty, I said the commenter on your post is.
  • elementstyle@tnicoletti33333 then I don;t understand your criticism? Because I discuss things with other people thats a turn off? Because my husband joins the conversation? I don't understand why me having an opinion and fighting for it is so distasteful because I'm a blogger? I'm a person first. Not a robot who can only think about pillows and pretty things. It's very demeaning to say that is all I should discuss and that I shouldn't stand up for what I believe in.
  • tnicoletti33333I am trying to hold back bc you are so obviously sensitive, so okay, maybe I do think it's a bit nasty to make remarks to commenters about "getting high and mighty" when you have the captive audience. No one thinks you aren't a person first, and I see you reiterating that all over, but honestly, Erin, I followed you and turn to your blog for style advice, not your personal life
  • tnicoletti33333Sorry...posted by accident. Maybe it is just my personal preference for bloggers and professionals sticking to their subject. Why not have a family/friend instagram and professional one? And if i am being honest now, i would rather you respond more on the blog when people ask questions about paint, style questions, etc. You rarely comment back unless it gets personal, and while many seem to enjoy your personal expressions, I just don't. I just want to know what paint colors and styles you see
  • tnicoletti33333Sorry if that seems mean spirited to you, I truly don't mean it that way. I am still going to buy your books!
  • elementstyle@tnicoletti33333 I d try to respond to people who ask those questions (and DO, A LOT!) but I can't reply to everyone. And when someone says something hurtful to me, yes I want to respond. I'm human. I'm flawed. Just like you. I wish people would understand that. I don't have the time to maintain a personal page separate from a professional one- and to be honest, my business and brand have been built from sharing my life, stories and opinions and I do not want to change that. If you and others prefer filtered content with no personal angle, I am not your blogger. I'm just not.
  • tnicoletti33333Okay, I have to give you credit for taking my comments seriously and for the depth of your personal-ness. Obviously you really really care and nothong wrong with that in this world! No harm meant, but honestly, in some cases, just let the naysayers stand. They DO make themselves look like fools, really. Save yourself the energy for your sweet son! Just friendly advice for your own sanity. Enjoy the rest of your day!
  • elementstyle@tnicoletti33333 thank you, you as well.
  • maurakentThank heavens there is more to your brain than paint colours and finishes 🙄 @elementstyle You have a following and certainly you should share your opinions! #womenwithopinions please over #politesociety !!
  • maurakentAnd #menwithopinions too! @andrewbsgates Honestly think staying silent is a crime when confronted with xenophobia, sexism, misogyny or racism
  • ladybrookelloydI am a forever follower and must admit it always surprises me that you become so upset to receive anything less than 100% adoration. You must have anticipated losing followers, just as announcing a support of Trump support would have done...? It has nothing to do with having a blog or a business, it's knowing that sharing an opinion in the most divisive election in history is going to garner some heat. Don't the thousands of obsessed fans soften a few that don't believe in politics on social media on principle? #iwaswithhertoo
  • elementstyle@ladybrookelloyd I am not upset to lose followers, I am upset to be told my opinion should be censored and that I am only good for one thing.
  • rtoulouseWow!!!..first time voters!!!....
  • ginafjaberOmg. IGNORE those rude people, Erin. They aren't worth your time or energy. You are an honest, open-minded woman who can do and say whatever you want!! I'm with you.
  • ccbirmOk maybe Icoul change the topic for just a moment, are those earrings Kendra Scott? I love the look of them now that I see them on close up so wanted to check because I may need to order them ! :)
  • stylefirmlaLove you guys! Been following you from the VERY beginning & this is our first comedy! some of these commentators need to find a hobby 😬 no need to attack .... #namaste @elementstyle
  • acbrad111Love your style, your book, your voice, your convictions and the way you share yourself with us!! Best always!!
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