• megan_nerdnestLet's talk about organization for this week's #nndailytip posts because I just got done with a big scrap space clean up.
    Keeping things visible helps you use them. I keep my (embarrassingly large) washi collection in a 12x12 box (with the lid cut off). When the tapes were in a jumble, or when I kept them in a bowl, I used them less. Being able to scan quickly to see if something will work makes me more likely to reach for my stash, because I know I don't have to waste time wading through the options. What parts of your stash can you make more visible so you are more likely to use your supplies?

  • megan_nerdnest#freckledfawn #washitape #washi #scrapbooking
  • andersonannsGreat idea @megan_nerdnest !
  • theinkshowI have my washi visible as well. And selected stamp sets. And a chart of all colors for my ProMarkers and Heidi Swapp's color shine so I don't have to try them every time.
  • angela_spangelaBe still my heart 😍
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