Freezing my toosh off but - wowzah dem colors!! 😍🍂🍁🌲Thank you Nova Scotia, you were a wonderful host 💛
  • yvonnestrahovskiFreezing my toosh off but - wowzah dem colors!! 😍🍂🍁🌲Thank you Nova Scotia, you were a wonderful host 💛

  • martasmgMiło by było zobaczyć i zdjęcia z Polski jeśli masz. Życzę powodzenia we wszystkim!
  • supp3rli_ceA mais linda.
  • scribbles_at_workSomeone is stoned....
  • dankotiahWhen are you back in OZ , great to trek around Uluru
  • kaanoktaalYou and Zachery are the best actor in the world and I love you so much Yvonne 😀😘
  • tazubairYou would have made great in capitian marvel.
  • brandonb209#majestic #nature #love
  • matheusubtil@alineritto olha quem eu acheiiiiiii
  • brandonmjayMiss your beautiful face so much! Hang soon?
  • fredvictofnthat fantastic this luga where you this beautiful #beautiful
  • lockhart10@jambadrew
  • pianoman1993So here is a weird request. "Chuck" was a show in my home this last year which helped to take my 8year old son Braeden's mind off his mother and I's separation. It's the only thing he would watch during "tv time". He's been through it twice now and he has the notion that he's going to "grow up and marry Yvonne". Anyway, is there any possible way you could simply wish him a Merry Christmas(holding up a sign or anything) would be a dream come true for him and not to mention I may get "Father of the Year"!!!! Thanks for your incredible talent and Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!!👍🏻 -Jay
  • fergalicious_ilyaYou need to come to Norway, here is also beautiful nature!
  • atilla_rana27@therealyvonnestrahovski bitiyorum
  • emanuelekentI miss You! GodBless You Yvonne
  • annalisebeastWhere in ns???
  • r.furler_You are so pretty 😍
  • hopefulidioti am a big fan of yours, and wish to meet you.
  • hopefulidiotif by any luck you do come to India, do meet :)
  • hopefulidiotand u r so cute :*
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