• colterjhExploring the #LaSals via snowmobile was a huge part of our time down there. So many unknowns and no one to ask for beta made things very adventurous and extra fun. Look for the edit from @tetongravity Wednesday nov 14th. I know I said that it was coming last week but we pushed it for good reasons! 📷: @nicalegre #SandstoneAndSnow❄️

  • o_leepsStoked to see it! Was looking for it last week.
  • powerpracticalAwesome!
  • evan_stevensDid you guys ever get in touch with the avy Center there? I find it hard to believe that they couldn't give you any beta!
  • thisiswhereiroamYa buddy! Stoked to see this
  • ericbalken👀
  • colterjh@evan_stevens there were a few locals to give us what beta there is but the reality is it's a fairly large range without much exploration and what the people at the avi center and the yurt owners and ski tourers know wasnt necessarily what we were looking for. Jump spots. Scenic backdrops. Gnarly lines. That sort of stuff. For the most part all the skiers stick to gold basin and it's sick but we found a whole lot more.
  • evan_stevensYa that is the obvious stuff. At least when I worked there I made a point of skiing off of every peak in the range. Got lots of classic shots skiing with castleton and the fishers in the background. Excited to see what you guys got shots of! The north group had a lot of fun stuff to offer up with sled access!
  • colterjh@evan_stevens ya we wished we would have done more in the north group but honestly found it difficult to line things up over there and found better terrain in the farthest south and dark canyon. It's so much harder than you think to line the shots up with castleton. Even tho u can see it easy from the north range the angles are tough! Stoked to show ya what we got in like 9 days
  • grskierCan't wait bud!
  • fs_aspen_la💯
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