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  • reginaspektorA few weeks ago I had a secret meeting in a stairwell and we shot this little video for The Trapper and The Furrier.
    With all that is going on I wanted to share it - full video at link in my bio!
    Good luck to us all. Good luck to our world. There are many kinds of paradise...Let's be on the side of those in need. Let's be on the side of those who love. Let's be on the side of those who care, who participate, who try... And if not all that, then at least, let's be on the side of those who pay their taxes;-) Directed by @JackDishel (in a stairwell)
    Shot by @ShervinLainez (also in a stairwell)
    Animated by Chris Tucci (luckily not in a stairwell at all!)

  • meeuhdeeree@macetrain
  • eilyng01Marditación, te amo, casi me pongo a llorar cuando no recordaba tu nombre :"(
  • lorettajayne90@yaizpittman she sounded exactly like this live xx
  • kichu_klickuUr songs helped me cut open my cacoon, hope to reach heights #love&respect Tornadoland seems like something I'll name after #mindreader
  • moniivalenz@madzturner @leticiavale49
  • hallymichellexoI love you so much ❤️ A line in 'folding chair' pretty much saved my life. Thank you for coming to London Southbank your set was everything ❤️
  • _asimalamwas truly amazing to see this live today, will never forget it ✨
  • s1agfagTHIS ALBUM IS GOLD. My god girl, you really killed it. Every track kicks ass! I'm in love with what you've created
  • mojiapollonmasterpieces (song and video) ❤️
  • violet_00213you are so different and amazing
  • biianca_oliveiraa@lemanjawelch
  • nevermindyourbleedingheart@s1agfag I couldn't agree more.
  • nevermindyourbleedingheartRegina you are an absolute icon. Your music has done so much for me and I am beyond grateful 💕
  • noisejunkie@darbyannewalker Im waiting for you to perform a Regina song😩
  • alexis_papzRegina!!! 😍🎤🎵🎶🎼💓
  • tonvdl58Fab song. Cheers!!!
  • gedetama96I like "on the radio" from yours !
  • javiertheprinceThis song is pure poetry. I listened to it five times yesterday. Thank you for being such an inspirational human.
  • astroidmusikGreatness!💪
  • serenata_doubleCan't get over this song, so glad you played it last night. What a joy to meet and work with you! ❤❤❤
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