• urbansirenllcDay 5: I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream. Prompt for #knowvember2016 hosted by @betweenblueworlds 🔮

    Take space back in 1995 and make it London as home base: make it an adventure at age 23 with hills in Wales guarded by bulls and castles in Scotland and countless grey-days and the entire future lay waiting and we stepped one then two then a thousand together. I bled the first few miles and then all turned to soft protection. We danced for Morrissey in Brixton: just the two of us. We took the last bus at midnight through the rough parts of town, south of the river and nothing touched us, except that one young man on the midnight bus who sat so close and stared and when seen bowed his head and said: "Sorry, I just don't understand how your lashes can be that long." So many of you, I never saw again in the flesh but I walk with you because grey blends white and black both and you might be surprised that I remember but I remember. I remember.
    I know you, 23. I walked with you Once Upon a Dream.

    #tarotchallenge #intuition #automaticwriting #poet #writersofinstagram #soul #journey #londoncalling #docmartens #stomp #dream #oscillatewildly

  • eaubeheyvAw this is magic
  • tatt_ooAwesome work!
  • om_shanti_dWow...this is pure magic...thank you❤🌌🔮
  • honey.hexThis was everything I needed to read this morning with my coffee 💗 thank you.
  • urbansirenllcThank you magic maker @betweenblueworlds 💕
  • urbansirenllc@sevenayn love you Woman
  • urbansirenllc@eaubeheyv You Are Magic 💕
  • urbansirenllc@tatt_oo thank you Lewis 💕
  • urbansirenllc@om_shanti_d coming from you, the Beauty you are. Love your magic, too, bear 💕🐻💕
  • urbansirenllc@brightestblessings I am so so Glad! Honored in fact 💕🐙💕
  • ceruleanblue24I know I walked with you once upon my dream✏✒🖋 😙😚❤😙😚✏✒🖋
  • jennthesoothsayerSo blessed to be drawn into your magical dream this morning ✨it weaves itself in all directions of time, I was just a little further north in '96 at 25...thank you always 💕✨
  • electricearthwalkeverything about this is perfect. i was with you there this morning too. it gave me goosebumps. "sorry, i just don't understand how your lashes can be that long." ❤
  • kalpeshkalanYou must be published. You're not telling us a lot of something something 🤗Be Blessed. You're the Centre of Delight. Namasté 🙏🏼
  • _witches_brewBeautiful
  • romeowritesKick them feet up
  • joydianahughes_eclectic_pagan_@urbansirenllc Really lovely post. It's amazing and wonderful , the memories which stay with us so we can take them out and think about them and remember. Those Dm
  • joydianahughes_eclectic_pagan_@urbansirenllc Those DM boots of yours have shared so much with you. Love and blessings beautiful soul and thank you for your Magical words as always 💕💕💕
  • peterleskeBeautiful post. I am loving #knowvember2016. I remember too. Thankyou for open-hearted words working their magic on me💖
  • bmp0531
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