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  • tifnedoodaOur last day in Japan. This two show day deserved a pre-show boogie that was documented 😉. Of course we are sad to leave but a lil dancing can cure anything. Thanks for getting KINKY Japan! 🇯🇵❤️💃❤️👠❤️ #preshow #danceparty #osaka #kinkyboots #japangetskinky #letsdothis #2showday #energy #warmitup

  • ucall319mehope u enjoy playing till last moment in JP💓
  • ryanfieldinggarrettThis is awesome. Smiling so big!!
  • yumi_60👠Cuuuuuuuuuute💋
  • s_w_knWe are waiting for your coming back to Japan!!
  • ajbryl23Love this! Aw @adamskaplan ❤️️
  • kaho_0325This put the biggest smile on my face!!!!!
  • momo63031💐
  • shibuya6tYou guys are awesome😆 Thank you for coming to Japan♡♡
  • hrk_kawaPlay hard the last stage!!! ❤️Next time I want to hear your "The history of wrong guys" in US🇺🇸
  • asa_413I hope you coming back to Japan with kinkyboots!!Thank you for a nice show and I love you💓
  • kajumoeMiss you sooo much but this cute dance cure me❤️❤️❤️ Thanks a lot Tiffany san(*´∀`)
  • kkeever25Ahhhhh!!!! I ❤️this!!! 🤗🤗🤗
  • e_amyyLove you guys!!!
  • punsandshipsthis is my new favorite video
  • sakitagiY'all are so cute! I wish I could see more shows of yours in Japan!
  • akinko16😄😊arigato😊😄mata kitene👠✨👢✨👯✨
  • na7powerThank you for coming to JAPAN💕💕 I love your Lauren😍
  • nao___0920awesome!!!!😍😍
  • r2_lee2Lolol thank you
  • marumarumonTiffany🐱Please come to Japan again🇯🇵
    I'm waiting for you❤️I send DM.Please read it if that’s ok.
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