• takingrouteblogHey guys! Now that our 31-day series is over and we've gained some new followers, we thought it'd be a good time to participate in #FridayIntroductions. Also, we just so happened to be in the same city last week and managed to get a photo TOGETHER. Whaaaaa.
    Anyway, we're Denise (on the left) and Kimberlynn (on the right). We are the co-editors/masterminds behind the expat blog, Taking Route (pronounced "root", or else it's not a play-on-words, people).
    Let's play a game, shall we? We're going to list 6 random facts and you guess if it's about Denise or Kimberlynn. Ok? Ok. Go!
    1. I'm addicted to my water bottle and will turn into a crazy thirsty person when I can't find it
    2. I stood next to Jennifer Lawrence and looked at purses the night before the Hunger Games Premiere
    3. In college, I slept in a tent in Malawi for 8 straight weeks. Shortly after, I got my first full-body massage.
    4. I bond with my sister-in-law over Survivor (because it's the best show ever.)
    5. I know Colton Cumbie, who participated in 2 seasons of Survivor. However, I've yet to watch any episode of Survivor.
    6. I got to be a part of The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2003. .
    Share your guesses in the comments section! Is it K or D? D or K? 🤔🤐😉

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  • wideawakefamily"Route" like "Root"??? I NEVER KNEW! It makes more sense now! Haha. Yikes. 😜
  • theottsinzambiaIs it weird that I just want to know what kind of water bottle one if you is addicted to? I am addicted, but rotate a bunch depending on my mood and haven't found a favorite (Camelback, Podium, Hydroflask, Tervis and more all in the rotation)!
  • theserviette@wideawakefamily I also had no idea that the name was a play on words. This alters my life dramatically.... 😜
  • kaellis0515Can I play??? Can I??? @takingrouteblog
  • takingrouteblog@kaellis0515 go for it
  • douvrieraaventurier😄
  • michelleackerperez@brittanysprague have you heard of the blog/site @takingrouteblog ? I think you might enjoy it. Women around the world who are living life outside of the countries they were born in 😏🌍
  • brittanysprague@michelleackerperez this is great! Thanks for the recommendation
  • cookingwithzahra👏
  • grazfedLooks great!
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