Hope I'm not offending anyone by enjoying my Starbucks this morning! 😂😂 #starbuckscup #whysosensitive #whereisthelove #momlife
  • naptimenationHope I'm not offending anyone by enjoying my Starbucks this morning! 😂😂 #starbuckscup #whysosensitive #whereisthelove #momlife

  • naptimenation@thecraftblog I had to pick up a Caramel Brûlée Latte this morning! 😍
  • naptimenation@jstlive Oh some people are upset about the cup for like a billion reasons...it's not red...it's not holiday enough...blah blah 😂😂
  • takingbackmonHaha 😂😂
  • mamaguruHa ha! Not offended, just jealous! Where's my cup? 💕☕️
  • eaugustin😂😂I told hubby I wanted one today lol
  • mommaofdosHighly offended, Lmbo!!!! 🙊🙊🙊🙊
  • momexploresNever offended by starbucks. Haha
  • mamawrites☕️☕️ like really, who cares! 😂
  • kdmymomstyleCoffee Is life.
  • kenlipetersonOMG! I just read about this the other night. Evidently they're waiting to release the red cup until the election is over to reduce outrage over it being red and "taking sides." Absolutely insane that they even have to worry about what something that's going in the TRASHCAN looks like!!
  • thiscoolmomblog😂😂😂 people are insane.
  • missnickieNot offended, just miss the red!
  • a_sprinkle_of_joyI'm so offended! How dare you post a cup that promotes unity, and getting along..... #pleasenotemysarcasm #sarcasticafont
  • jstliveIt's like who cares just give me my dang coffee fix! Lol
  • boyerpets_inosideMost people I know aren't offended by this cup... In fact, I can't really find anyone who is. Where are the people that are offended? I want to see what you look like and I want to point and laugh at you ☝🏼️👆🏾👇🏽👈🏽👉🏾
  • lchasse2If it is empty, I would be offended. 😜
  • grumblinggraceSeriously! 😂❤️
  • tanayaphWe're still getting red cups! Thanksgiving needs to happen first anyway. ;) I really do love the green!
  • melaniedaller
  • bopyostore💕😁👊
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