• librerialondonThe Sellout - Paul Beatty

    Congratulations to Paul Beatty on winning 2016’s Man Booker Prize. And to Oneworld for their second win in as many years. The Sellout’s success is truly deserved, capturing contrasts between the light and dark, silly and serious, the salt and saccharin of urban Black American culture. The rolling narrative picks you up, dusts you down and drags you along. The language is funny, rude and teeters between the hyperbolically absurd and the deeply sincere. Set in poor suburban LA, the central story follows a young black man trying to shake off an overpowering father’s intellectual legacy, and is full of characters conforming to stereotypes, actively seeking the comfort of their socially prescribed identity. Beatty’s novel addresses Trump-era madness in the best way satire can, with humour, pathos and wry honesty.
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