• foodiebuddha"Ode on Awesome Burger ~ sirloin deliciousness right here ... $7 bucks for one of the best burgers in Atlanta (thought it's not exactly in ATL). Drove 40-minutes to meet @toddbrock24f7, Atlanta's foremost burger obsessed, and we're immediately trying to figure out how to get back as quickly as possible. This thing was meaty, perfectly seasoned, and spot on med-rare, extracting maximum flavor all over my grubby little fingers and into my mouth. You ever seen Mary Katherine Gallagher? When I say I was literally channeling her a good 10-minutes after finishing this joyous meat sandwich, I in fact mean it. My hands smell AMAZING. To borrow Todd's excellent phrase, we were immediately discussing the "Mount Rushmore of ATL burgers." This is almost certainly going to end up on it - so long as consistency is a thing. Also consumed were some excellent fries and a great damn cheesesteak that'll get a post all to itself as soon as i can.

    It's a little shack w/ a ton of personality & you will probably drive right by it ... but once you notice it you'll never miss it again. Jerry is in fact real and the man knows what he's doing and is as friendly as they come. He's not trying to make it rich, he's just trying to make some bad ass food. Is this the longest instagram post ever? Everything is cooked-to-order and at least 1/2 the customers who walked up decided to pass when they found out it was a 20+ min wait time. Their loss ... IT WAS AWESOME. It's like Ann's Snack Bar ... but friendlier and in my opinion ... a better burger. Now again, this is all based on a single visit ... but if consistency is there (and i can't imagine it isn't), this thing will land firmly in my best of ATL list. Back soon!

  • koreanfusion@foodiebuddha I was in a burger hole. No burger satisfied me. This looks like the one. Dun dun dun.
  • foodiebuddha@koreanfusion now i'm nervous ... i mean this was a damn good burger but i'm going to be crushed if it doesn't live up to your standards.... but again - i'll still say that consistency will be the ultimate factor here since everything else is on point.
  • foodiebuddha@koreanfusion and did you read the diatribe? this is 100-day aged beef!!!! MMMMMMM
  • koreanfusion@foodiebuddha The only way I take my beef. Obviously. 😏
  • foxbrosbarbqMake hamburgers single patty again...
  • magickjeff@psteelman1
  • foodiebuddha@koreanfusion that's what she said
  • foodiebuddha@foxbrosbarbq for serious... And I can't wait to see what you & @heirloommarketbbq come up with as a collaboration😊
  • missymoo316@mmill28 want (ATL)
  • michael_h_leeWHAT???!!! $7???!!! For 100 day aged beef???
  • tanyakim1Must add to burger tour list @brently49
  • luckylindy26Oh damn. Yes @tanyakim1
  • yukilovesfood#willdriveforfood
  • foodiebuddha@michael_h_lee it's insane. i don't know how he does it ... but i'm not gonna complain
  • foodiebuddha@yukilovesfood put this on the map - closed mondays
  • foodiebuddha@thirstysouth very old ... just the way i like my beef
  • sonia.maherThat's my uncle!! So proud of him best burger in town!!
  • foodiebuddha@sonia.maher awesome... Supper nice dude... Check out the ATL magazine blog right now :-)
  • sonia.maher@foodiebuddha I did :)
  • cocoabeans1@bulgogibaby @kimberlyhowell1
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