Today i Voted, and I want to encourage all of you to do the same. Every VOTE counts. 🇺🇸 #EarlyVoting #TeamLeJuan
  • lejuanjamesToday i Voted, and I want to encourage all of you to do the same. Every VOTE counts. 🇺🇸 #EarlyVoting #TeamLeJuan

  • jess_minaya@dbenar01 but that Rolex!
  • mccastel@celiluv191 Trump!
  • mccastel@keli.x his your president. Do your own research not what you hear on the media.
  • kelixaa@mccastel , this 'argument' shit was old 😂 .. Donald Trump isn't 'my' president but you have your opinions , feel free to say them 🙌 - I'm not worried about what you think 😏 .
  • mccastel@ivette_bodre12 would you want someone to make allegations about you molesting a kid? If not then don't make them without proof about anyone else!
  • mccastel@ramirez_thedon voting gives you no voice but the changes will be great!
  • ivette_bodre12@mccastel oh please! This is so old news! Good luck with YOUR president! He sure isn't mine! Adios!
  • mccastel@ivette_bodre12 He's your president. Trump never accepted their endorsement. Just like you can help if some troll stocks you and follows u against your will!
  • mccastel@prince_pulido thank god!!!! Not enough people cared about having the most corrupt, criminal person.. woman become our first WOMEN PRESIDENT! Who cares about that. The first Black did nothing for the inter city's. So a criminal white first woman would have done more damage. Thank god we still have good people wanting order, good change, good rules a strong and tough leader who will look out for all American Latinos and American foreigners before any other country! Make America Great! 🇺🇸 Trump 2017!
  • mccastel@wnc.kawaiiprincess12062 stop listening to the media. Do your own research. 🙄
  • mccastel@ivette_bodre12 I'm a women and am not offended by his talk about women I'm stronger than that. I've heard worse talk in the office from women. So don't speak for me. I think it's the women that are trashy as he spoke that get offended Bc they reflect his comments. No? 🤔
  • mccastel@exactly_miaa Trump cares about our country! 🇺🇸
  • ivette_bodre12@mccastel Again, He is not my president. And stop stalking me troll!!!!!!!!!
  • mccastel@ervin_10 do you homework 50 years ago employment for black was higher. It was easier to come in the country legally and blacks had way less black on black killings and crime.
  • mccastel@jmtorres83 fake news
  • mccastel@chyna_n_rasta boy your comments about Hillary and Trump tells me you've been watching fake news! Just one point. The one paying people to riot and fight against Trump supporters is Hillary. Theirs proof VIDEOs! Where have you been? She also rigged votes for Bernie! CORRUPTION! #Trumpisyourpresident 🇺🇸 Trump 2017
  • jmtorres83@mccastel holy shit how bored are you that you are stalking people on a post from a month and a half.
  • chyna_n_rasta@mccastel first of all, I have been in the same place that I would hope you were. That was listening to the debates. I don't give a dang about the news and the BS they deliver. what I do care about is our country. So now that Trump won the BS electorial vote (ONLY). Your Amerikkka screwed our nation by voting that narcissistic crazy lying POS. You obviously have the same character as him which means you are beneath me. So I will sit back and watch the cookie crumble all that voted for him is going to get exactly what they ask for, which is a joker who has zero IQ
  • mccastel@jmtorres83 how incredible respond! A month ago. A month ago all you liberals thought Crooked Hillary had it. 😂 he's not president yet and already saved thousands of jobs! Who's laughing now.
  • jmtorres83@mccastel saved thousands of jobs? Let's talk auto industry, if he is taxing auto industries by importing vehicles made outside of the US they would be forced to either bring factories back to the US and replace those employees with robot factory workers or have them stay put in Mexico and increase the cost vehicles to cover the cost of taxation. Meanwhile while Obama was in office he revitalize the auto industry after Bush had to bail them out more than once. I really wish you would do research on what your talking about that just @ me with nonsense. You're as significant as a single pube on my nut sack. So do us all a favor and go fuck your self.
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