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Lacey I LOVE YOU girl! This series on Mirabella Magazine and on The Daily Doll is gonna be DOPE!
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Repost by @thelaceyjohn: Two months ago, I met this beauty - body guru, fascia wizard, inventor, media personality and soon-to-be BEST SELLING AUTHOR - @ashleyblackguru at her hotel in Beverly Hills. I was there to interview her for a magazine story, but we were kindred spirits at first sight and, thus, began to plan further projects together. Upon meeting her in the flesh, I was certain I had never encountered a woman as equally down-to-earth as she was brilliant, passionate and well-researched. SHE MAKES BODY DREAMS COME TRUE. Most importantly, she genuinely cares for the well-being of others. Her upcoming book "Cellulite Is a Myth" is in presale (set to #ashleyblackguru #fasciablaster #celluliteisamyth #thedailydoll #staytuned FOLLOW @thedailydolldotcom and @mirabellamagazine for details
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