• oursyracuseuHi guys! My name is Shona Beattie and I'm a freshman student from Scotland, studying here at SU for a year as a Lockerbie Scholar along with Sian, who you got to meet last week. For anyone who didn't know, every year 35 SU students and 2 students from Lockerbie are selected to represent the Pan Am 103 air disaster, the 270 lives lost and the motto of 'Look Back Act forward', due to the fact that 35 of those lives were SU Abroad students and 11 were residents of Lockerbie . I grew up on a dairy farm just outside the town - which Sian and I estimate is no bigger than campus - which goes to show how crazy it is for us to get the opportunity to fly across the pond to a place like Syracuse. I've been loving it here, and I can't wait to share it all with you.
    So to start off the week, here's a post from the start of our adventure - our time in London, making the most of the fact that we had to travel there to get our visas. While we were there we had the chance to visit Faraday House, home of the SU London Campus, as well as have lunch with a couple of the professors there. If you ever study there I'd recommend paying a visit to a place called Giraffe!

    Looking forward to spending the week with you all - SB ☺️

  • kathmaloneSB - spongebob?
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