• katyperry❤️BILL & HILL 4EVA❤️ Hair, makeup & prosthetics by: @tonygardner @Makeup_man @Carltoncoleman_makeupfx @mthreemfx
    Wardrobe by: @sweetbabyjamie
    Trump troll by: @jwujek & @shokrala

  • kaden_kbk@_angiejolie what are you bitch or slut
  • pxrpleglitcx@x_ecchi ^^
  • kaden_kbk@x_ecchi fuck off slut I'm going to go back in time and put a condem on your dad so a fucking Hilary voter like you doesn't fucking happen I'm not apologizing to the bitch
  • x_ecchi@kaden_kbk sir dnt get your nuts crushed 😊 if anyones a slut here its probably you, ya cousin fucker ass nigga. Stay off Instagram and go do something you should do, like hmm maybe slit your throat and die yeah perfect thing, your existence isn't worth my time. Anyway im done here, arguing with the lesser beings of america, hope you get raped in the ass by a moose ol swashbucklin lumberjack fox fuckin ass✌😉
  • kaden_kbk@x_ecchi slut
  • x_ecchi@kaden_kbk that's not the proper way to refer to your mother, you disgusting little bastard.
  • kaden_kbk@x_ecchi cocksucker
  • x_ecchiYour mom @kadek_kdk
  • samjp_m#HillaryForPrison #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
  • kaden_kbk@x_ecchi bitch slut cocksucker I'll have more friends then you will ever have Asian go finger your self and watch Hilary fucking a old guy
  • x_ecchi@kaden_kdk go watch your cousing fuck your mother, you nasty disgusting fucking piece of shit l, tag me again and I'll be forced to go off on you, your a waste a time, who has nothing better to do them argue, you fucking degenerate go somewhere else, your banmed from instagram, if i catch you on here again you'll be shot on sight
  • _angiejolie@kaden_kbk are you a broken record? Because all you say is bitch, slut, and cocksucker. I wouldn't be surprised someone as stupid as you voted for Trump 😂 it makes sense doesn't it? You should go get a life instead of spending all of your time on the comments and attacking people stating their opinions. I don't know how old you are, but guessing by your immature behaviour, you're probably like what? 11?
  • _angiejolie@kaden_kbk Oh and one more thing, how does stating my opinion make me a slut OR a bitch? Let me make a suggestion. Look up the meaning of words before you use them, because when you use words that you don't know the definition to, just makes you look stupider than you already are. 😊
  • eatingbootynow🔥🔥
  • camilleterryn@eloiseterryn tis gelijk philip en mathilde hahahahaa
  • tty_jkLmao
  • chayannealexis@elena_parra why am I just now seeing this😂
  • caimancolesL
  • oregon64nurseRapist and child pedophile married!!!
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