Jackie Christie's daughter Ta'Kari posted this😥
  • fameolousent_Jackie Christie's daughter Ta'Kari posted this😥

  • karamelbeautykdI feel so bad for Takari. Regardless of what people may think of her, attention seeking, opportunist, extortionist etc, it doesn't negate the fact that this is a woman who grew up without a typical love and acceptance from her mother. People have bad relationships with their mother's all the time for different reasons, but I've never heard of a mother treating her daughter like this because of the color of her skin or her weight. That's a hard pill to swallow. My heart really goes out to Takari. True love is blind. I don't even have kids and I can understand how devastating this must have been for her. I can't support anything Jackie does now. It's enough racism and body shaming going on in the world. The last person you need to experience that from is your own mother. I can't believe Jackie's silly ass. Smh
  • msbossjonesNah this really has me crying as a mother i couldnt imagine doing this to ny babys.As a daughter who has wanted apologies from my parents.When I finally got my apology from my mom it really did lift a burden off my back so I feel her pain more than words can describe.I never got that apology from my dad so I understand every word she wrote. God bless her and her son. I hope she really does write a book. We support you @
  • msbossjones@takari_lee
  • mary_brown_@itsnayallday @bellluv7 this was sad
  • itsnayallday@mary_brown_ @bellluv7 yes it is and I never could understand how ppl liked her on the show..
  • kingndidiYou should be ashamed as a mother to be honest. YOUR child should never get to this point. @jackiechristie
  • dopefreshlifeMy heart hurts for her
  • k_keishThis is so fucked up I feel so bad for her
  • daisysamuel_Not every mother is good trust me personal experience it's shocking but common
  • killthequeen_This is horrible
  • loisthelaneGo on iyanla other than that no one cares about her healing they only want her to air more dirty laundry.
  • msmyra_78Wow they dragged Draya questioning her Motherhood...now this.smh
  • stayouttamine@nayzwayornoway
  • dyamondaineLol...I'm sure @jackiechristie isn't embarrassed, honey. If she sues her daughter that would be a new level of trifling. @takari_lee
  • msfeliciamackeythis is too sad
  • diva__phd@lilbkeys
  • cocoa_la_diosa@resarag She has every right to share her truth. She doesn't even mention the woman's name she is speaking from her own perspective about her birth father reached out to her and acknowledged that he and her mom failed her as parents. You must be a deadbeat parent yourself because you don't see anything wrong with the mother's Behavior. I love the fact that she didn't even mention the woman's name don't even give her that acknowledgment don't @her or anything. If her mom can get up then act a fool, why can't she share her experiences in life???
  • yall_hoes_stupidThis just broke my heart! You're on tv kissing bitches asses and crying for friendship but basically disowned your flesh and blood......you're a trifling bitch and karma is so real smh my prayers are with Takari and her baby
  • yall_hoes_stupid@baby.uni.queen3xo I saw that and it was sad then as well
  • fit_guy12345And her old ass on tv crying about her liquor being on the floor when u left your baby on the floor alone goofy ass and having a wedding every year and actin like u only have 2 kids more light needs to be shined on these fuck up mothers to it's not always the daddy.
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