Miss him. ❤️
  • acousteauMiss him. ❤️

  • jazradulThe man is a legend. I grew up watching him. Was inspired and awed by him. My love of the ocean is because of him. This world needs more like him.
  • nxnikolaidisSea spirit..I believe that He is our "grandfather" ..
  • nxnikolaidisWith respect to you
  • watersportstweedLegend
  • javiergutimLo máximo la leyenda lo admiro mucho 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍
  • oscar.ortizgInspiration!!!
  • ricardoarayaacunaEl mejor.... No habrá otro igual
  • horstipopaA great man. Respect !!☺
  • in2theblue@acousteau as does the entire diving community and lovers of the ocean. RIP Jacques.
  • rocarltonRole model! 🙏
  • blinkysprite@harshgoshar
  • nuriambaI grew up with him, I used to be hipnotic watching his documentaries, respect and love for your grandad, he was a great man 🙏🏻✨💐 @acousteau
  • not_bad_nomadI never knew him personally, but all my life my heart has known him well.
  • eachefAmazing
  • adru.peduziDear Alexandra, today I read an interview made to you by Ella Windsor at Palawan, in Philippines. Love what you do for our oceans. Make me feel remember the admiration for your grandad. Congrats/Chapeau!! and thank YOU!! Adriana from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • adru.peduzi@acousteau
  • alex_man4enkoHe is my biggest inspiration. I wish I was like him. I grew up on his films. He is the best. Love him so much!
  • edcarsiAdmirable ...
  • malexgabrieleI just saw l'odyssee . On a ✈️trip last night . And touch me profoundly , i remeber the documentaries when i was a child . But now i have taken some teachings from the film , from your grandfather , from Phillipe your dad ; since was him that planted the seed of respecting the flora and fauna . What a great legacy . What a family . It is in the genes. Will love to contribute to your foundation.
  • malexgabriele@malexgabriele @acousteau
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