Food, health and happiness. New point friendly cookbook coming Jan. 3. You can pre-order now. Bon appetite!
  • oprahFood, health and happiness. New point friendly cookbook coming Jan. 3. You can pre-order now. Bon appetite!

  • therealkarlrossSpicy
  • sharaelefilmsMy favorite lady #womenempowerment #womenwithpower #womenwithpurpose
  • naayyy_baaeCan you please help me I have always tried so hard all my life growing up with a single parent home and not a lot of money I always tried above and beyond in school. I was on the principals list played football, basketball, volleyball, did track and cheer and have speech at graduation.i work so hard I've always lifted and lift a lot I played football for 3 years always wished of playing for a college team but in high school the coach didn't want a girl on his team so I focused on my other sports. Then went to do track at Washington state and was not aware I had to pay out of pocket when I signed now I was kicked out of school because I owe a debt and unfortunately I worked a semester and didn't raise enough money and they will not let me back into school and I really need the money and this could help and you could help a girl meet her dreams please help all I ever wanted to to was attend school and get a better education please help please ps I did an awesome monologue of drama from the color purple and everyone loved it
  • tonyachickMine is arriving today from Amazon!! I am so excited!!!
  • margodellatorreGreat edition I heard from Mr. Carl Allen Quesinberry. MARGO BLOGS.
  • talia100Great shirt
  • oli.b.jones@connorwilliams_14
  • connorwilliams_14Why 😂 @oli.b.jones
  • oli.b.jones@_beeds_111
  • paupflywhen u coming to haiti 🇭🇹 @oprah
  • fareeda_hj🌻
  • ssabrina.waltersswhat a smile @kiersten.shane
  • daltonmattsonWrite some of your own material. This ghost writer crap is getting old Oprah! @sweetlouhanson will NEVER buy another one of your books.
  • istasyon360Lovely
  • sb_phekoWhen u own publishers you can write whatever you like the way you like it...Much respect to anything Oprah puts her mind to!
  • sofia_babydollWhere are Dear Opra missing you 💋🌹
  • mb_isaiahSooo inspiring 🌷🌷🌷
  • howardhinesfanpageBeautiful picture.
  • sidnieee_Hopefully one day I can meet you queen
  • sidnieee_The most inspiring women alive
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